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Let's Go Back to Better, Not 'Normal'

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Should we continue 'LGBT' promotion in schools like Windermere Elementary, Columbus?

I share some nostalgia for “the way things were.” Churches and vacation Bible schools packed with families and children. Holiday parties where people don’t hesitate to hug each other. Birthdays at noisy, fun restaurants with friends and family. Plane trips where the main worry is making your connection.

But is all America’s recent past worth recapturing? If we’re revising life-as-usual, maybe we have a chance to construct a “normal” that’s not just new, but vastly better.

Here’s my list of suggested changes:

1. Let the tender hearts of parents turn to children and stay there. As we gathered our little ones close during the shutdown, we witnessed how these innocent lives depend on caring adults. Going forward, can we keep each child’s unfolding future as a daily top priority? Will we stand up and shield them if needed? ....

2. Let’s leave abortion in the dustbin of tragic history. The good news about the COVID-19 scare is that many saw abortion for what it is—a “non-essential” procedure some states tried to limit or stop. Courts blocked those decisions in some cases but thankfully, not all. Yet the quarantine lowered abortion client volume and a number of clinics around the country closed (New York, for instance).

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Linda Harvey testifies on a bill at the Ohio Statehouse

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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