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With Virus Front & Center, Watch for Tricks from Sexual Left

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Cuyahoga County 216Teens Tweet, government-funded.So irresponsible!

We’re all figuring out the new normal, yet it’s important to be on guard as the usual suspects try to rip off America while we aren’t looking.

For instance, Samaritan’s Purse is subjected to petty protests from the left about possible “LGBTQ” exclusion from their field hospitals built to take care of virus patients—of any preference or persuasion—in New York City’s Central Park.

So what contributions are America’s homosexual activists making out of the goodness of their hearts? Sacrificing time, talent and treasure to lend a hand to any suffering American, even a Christian, who shows up at their vast array of volunteer clinics?

In a word, zip. Instead, the self-interested Human Rights Campaign is morphing into the latest whining entitlement group. A recent e-blast lamented the marginalized “LGBTQ” community’s limited access to health insurance, the message being that it’s everyone else’s responsibility to provide for these self-disadvantaged perennial victims. Never mind their chosen high-risk lifestyles. The President must be pressured to reopen the wasteful ACA health exchange bureaucracies during the virus emergency.

Watch for the virus relief bills to cover “gay” entitlements as these radicals never let a crisis go to waste, and also, seldom think about anyone but themselves.

While the virus shutdown settles in for a few weeks, parents must diligently protect children now at home for seven additional hours each weekday. Guarding them from cyber danger is essential.

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In Such a Time as This

Debbie DeGroff, What's Inside Children's Books

From Debbie--I have hesitated to write this blog, because, to some, this may sound trivial in the scope of all that we are facing. However, I realize that there are many parents with school age children at home, and regardless of all that is going on around them, they still have to maintain their homes and care for their children each day. For some parents who have children home from school for the first time, this requires keeping on top of any school work assigned by their teachers...

The Library Card holders in my section of West Virginia can access e-books via WV READS. Instantly, the kids can download and start reading Sex: A Book for Teens, by Nikol Hasler. (both the original version and the updated one called Sex: An Uncensored Introduction.)...

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