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"LGBTQ" Excuses for Child Corruption

New Ohio Bill Addresses Child Performance Problem

Boy promoted as "Miss Mae Hem" (second from bottom right)

We are very blessed in Ohio to have some great pro-family legislators in Columbus at the Statehouse, and one of them just introduced a bill to address an emerging threat to children.

It’s House Bill 180 and is the brainchild of State Representative Tim Schaffer from the city of Lancaster and the Fairfield County area. This bill is a response to a recent horrifying situation where a young boy performed in a Lancaster bar. He dressed as a female, danced in a provocative way and was even given money by his cheering adult admirers. He was wearing a pink leotard trimmed in black fringe, fishnet stockings, a woman's wig, high-heel booties, and full makeup.

The incident got major attention when a video of it surfaced and went viral last month.

Sadly, this was not this boy’s first appearance but his parents have been promoting him all over the state, which is child exploitation and in my view, abuse. House Bill 180 addresses such a situation by prohibiting a performance where a child simulates sexual activity from taking place in an establishment that is a D liquor permit holder, which is what a bar that stays open late holds in the state of Ohio. Under the proposed law, the permit would be revoked if this kind of performance takes place.

It’s outrageous that the mayor of Lancaster, when informed about this incident, did not seem too concerned. But thank God we have other officials who are.

And now, the Toledo Blade and other media are publishing articles that spin this situation in a very sleazy direction. In the article, the mother's claim that it's her son's "right" as an "LGBTQ" youth to express himself in "drag" is left unquestioned.

Sorry, mom, we are not buying this as a defensible activity for your 9-year-old.

There is no valid research showing any human is born to dress in "drag" or to pretend to be the opposite sex. If boys are not given permission to dress as girls and perform before adults, this is a good thing, not a bad one. Boys should be directed to more appropriate pastimes. Has this mom ever heard of books? Baseball? Climbing trees?

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Pete Buttegieg's Fake Christianity: Mocking God, Justifying Homosexuality

Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a living, walking and breathing example of the politicized sham that is religious-left “Christianity” today. He claims that God created him as a homosexual—a self-serving blasphemy as audacious as it is biblically nonsensical. (And science has refuted his “born gay” crutch.)

Buttigieg quotes Scripture even as he defies it with his very public, and very fake, “marriage” to another man (See in the Bible: Matthew 19:4-6; Romans 1: 24-27; Jude 7; 1 Timothy 1:8-10; Leviticus 18:22). (Redefining marriage to accommodate sexual perversion is beyond the Supreme Court’s pay grade.)

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