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Can Ohio Overcome its Whining Pro-Abortion Democrats?

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Pink-clad Ohio Reps defy life for babies: Allison Russo, Jessica Miranda, Lisa Sobecki, Tavia Galonski, Juanita Brent, Mary Lightbody, Emilia Strong Sykes

It was an historic moment. On April 10, 2019, I was present in the Ohio House
chamber as Ohio’s “Heartbeat Bill” finally achieved victory. It was signed the
next day by Governor Mike DeWine. Babies with a detectable beating heart will
now be protected from abortion, and that can happen with current technology as
early as six weeks’ gestation....

Yet I left the Ohio House with turmoil in my soul after hearing a pro-death mob screaming in protest after the vote—“My body, my choice!” and, “We won’t go back!!”-- and after listening to ignorant, selfish speeches by pro-abortion Ohio representatives, all Democrats and mostly women.

I thought, "There must be better legislators in their districts than these people!"

And what was truly jaw-dropping was that many female legislators had pranced proudly onto the floor that day wearing pink. Pink is the adopted color of Planned Parenthood, and these women were brazenly signaling their support for the legalized killing of more babies...

Let me share with you some of the statements of these Ohio legislators, many presented as amendments, all of which were tabled.

Rep. Janine Boyd (D- Cleveland Heights) suggested in the Ohio House Health committee on April 9 an amendment to exempt African-American women from the Heartbeat Bill. That’s right. More black babies would be killed if this African-American Democrat, a fervent supporter of rights for women, got her way.

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