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Heartbeat Bill Signed into Law! Praise the Lord!

Mission America

Heartbeat Bill Heroes Lori Viars, Janet Porter, Christina Hagen-Nemeth, Mark Harrington, Ron Hood and others

It was an overwhelming fight. But finally, finally lawmakers in Ohio protected thousands of babies from death by abortion. The Heartbeat Bill, which outlaws abortion if a detectable beating heart is present in the pregnancy, was passed on April 10 and signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine on April 11.

Our hearts are full of gratitude that the Lord brought this about. The opposition was fierce (see story below). And there were bumps within the pro-life community. But let's put those behind us. This is monumental!

The ACLU has pledged to sue to overturn it. But let's remember that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the movement of the faithful church.

We need to give credit where it's due. Here's what Cleveland Right to Life wrote:

"The Heartbeat Bill was first championed by President of Faith2Action, Janet Porter in 2010 and she never once blinked as she pursued her goal of protecting innocent children in the womb through the fight for the passage of this law. Janet Porter, together with Lori Viars from Warren County Right to Life, Mark Harrington President of Created Equal, and past Ohio State Representative Christina Hagan are, without a doubt, much of the reason why we have a bill today that protects all unborn children in Ohio from abortion, the moment their little hearts start to beat."

Thanks to ALL the people who supported this bill from its inception, but special recognition goes to Janet, Lori, Christina, Mark Harrington, Rep Ron Hood (R- District 78, Ashville), Rep.Candice Keller (R- District 53, Middletown), and Sen. Kristina Roegner ( R- District 37). To them we owe many, many eternal thanks.


And Now, Ohio, the Next Task: Vote Out Extreme Pro-Abortion Lawmakers

Linda Harvey, Mission America

Pink-clad Ohio Reps defy life for babies:Alison Russo, Jessica Miranda, Lisa Sobecki, Tavia Galonski, Juanita Brent Cleveland, Mary Lightbody, Emilia Strong Sykes

As I sat in the Ohio House chamber on Wednesday, April 10 and listened to one hard-hearted, whining female Democrat after another present ludicrous, irrational amendments to the Heartbeat Bill, I thought, "There must be better legislators in their districts than these women!"

Check out the pink shawls and clothing. Pink is the new color of Planned Parenthood, and these women were proudly wearing pink to support the legalized killing of more babies.

They need to be shown the door in 2020, friends.

Here are the women (and men) whose hearts are so hard and brains are so muddled they no longer have a conscience to save the most vulnerable among us--

Representative Alison Russo (D- District 24, Columbus); Rep. Janine Boyd (D-District 9, Cleveland Heights), who suggested an amendment exempting African-American women, which would result in the killing of more black babies (Margaret Sanger would be proud);Rep. Stephanie Howse (District 11, Cleveland);Rep. Michele Lapore-Hagan (D- District 58-- Youngstown), who proposed an amendment for men to be required to put their DNA in a database in Ohio to track them as potential deadbeat dads.

And then there were objections by Rep. Beth Liston (D- District 21, Dublin), who despite being a physician, contended the bill is unscientific and that a cluster of cells cannot define human life; Rep. Richard Brown, (D-District 20, Canal Winchester), who proposed an amendment that no funds should be allocated to defend the Heartbeat Bill in court, because it's unconstitutional; Rep. Erica Crawley (D-District 26, Columbus); Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D- District 45,Toledo); Rep. Mary Lightbody (D-District 19, Westerville); Rep. Kent Smith (D- District 8, Euclid); and Rep. Emilia Strong Sykes (D- District 34, Akron), who suggested that because of this bill, she became a second-class citizen.  

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