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Cleveland 'Gay" Orgy Convention Shows Where 'Equality Act' Takes America

Linda Harvey, Mission America

[Warning—graphic content]

If you had plans to take your kids to downtown Cleveland over the week-end of April 25 to 28, don’t.​​​​​​

Unless you want them to receive a quick and nightmarish tutorial about where the “LGBTQ” agenda really takes America--- into a filthy sewer.

That weekend, major Cleveland hotels will host CLAW, the Cleveland Annual Leather Week-end.

It’s a large orgy of homosexual males focused on “sado-masochism” and “bondage.” Think ropes, chains, erotic asphyxiation, suspension by hooks, cutting, etc. Or maybe, don’t think about them since these are usually considered reckless, stupid activities involving major risks of injury and disease, committed by severely emotionally-disturbed people.

Unless of course you identify as “LGBTQ.” Then you get respect and can demand whatever you want in “public accommodations” even if it’s crazy, disgusting, or a public health nightmare.

Which is why there’s a petition to Cleveland officials to stop this outrage.

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