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Will Parents Confront Radical Teachers on the 'Day of Silence'?

Linda Harvey, Barbwire.com

There may be a traitor in one of your child’s classes. A traitor against truth and safety, that is.

And it may be a teacher.

On Friday, April 27 is the annual pro-homosexual, anti-morality “Day of Silence.” And praise God, there’s also a “Day of Silence Walkout.” So you can keep your son or daughter home and protect your child from the risk-enabling, child corruption agenda.

Here’s one big reason: your child’s teacher may use his or her position to spread propaganda and normalize unsafe behavior.

It’s happened before. Here are a few recent examples.

Lora Jane Riedas is a teacher in a Tampa Bay area high school. Last year, a complaint was filed against Riedas by Liberty Counsel on behalf of students in her class, saying she prohibited crosses and rosaries, alleging they were “gang symbols.” And Riedas posted pro-homosexual signage, stickers and messages all over her class in the weeks leading up to the “Day of Silence.”

Riedas, who is “married” to another female teacher at the school, denied she had done anything wrong, and the school cleared her after a superficial inquiry. Liberty Counsel disputes the school’s findings. Riedas’ Twitter page continues to spout leftist, teacher union politics, anti-Trump potshots and extreme “LGBT” activism negatively influencing students.

Riedas is the teacher advisor to the school’s homosexual/transgender club.

Riedas tweeted a photo of herself on March 24 after the Tampa Bay homosexual “pride” event. She held a rainbow-adorned sign reading, “Students need to see OUT Teachers- LGBT”. “Not my first Pride Parade, just my first time marching in one. Thanks for a great experience,“ Riedas wrote.

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Keep Kids Home! Day of Silence WALKOUT happens this week!

Avoid the propaganda & protect children

As the annual pro-homosexual and pro-'transgender' event called the "Day of Silence" approaches, parents wonder what they can do to support truth, real compassion and godly values. Here's one way: keep your children home on Friday, April 27 ( or whatever day activist students and teachers at your school choose for this silent protest.)

Will students be allowed to remain silent during instructional time in protest of morality and in support of so-called "LGBTQ" behaviors? If so, this school has become an advocate of homosexuality and hostile to the long-term welfare of children.

Will the school hold assemblies, rallies, and allow teachers to become advocates of deviant, harmful behaviors? It's terribly sad, but too many schools are allowing their homosexual/gender confusion clubs to run the show, especially during the time around the "Day of Silence."

No one supports bullying, but no one has to say yes to immorality to prevent bullying. These are not the same issues yet the "Day of Silence" activists will be told they are.

Parents, many pro-family groups are supporting the "Day of Silence WALKOUT." Keep your kids home that day.

Go to the DOS Walkout page HERE for more information.  


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