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Is 4-H Next Victim of 'LGBT' Child Assault?

Linda Harvey, WND.com

So now the sexual anarchy mob is hounding 4-H clubs. Why can’t these people leave kids alone?

As a former member of 4-H, I am outraged.

Around 6.5 million American kids, mostly in small towns and rural areas, participate in 4-H, so gobbling up this organization would be a very tasty dish for the obese monster of sexual evil.

Conservative values? Rural America? It doesn’t get any better than this for the
all-pervasive child corruption agenda. These activists have already made tentative inroads into the world of 4-H on a state by state basis, but the latest incidents signal a full-frontal assault.

In its ties to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the 4-H community is influenced by that federal agency. Recently, the USDA posted and then quickly removed a document that hints at a looming national requirement to force open homosexual and gender-bending expression in local chapters.

In state after state, local 4-H groups are being pressured to bow before the values of sexual perversion, as leader trainings and the university extension programs tied to 4-H install new “inclusion” programs and policies to push sexual deviance. Many state 4-H programs recently added “non-discrimination” policies based on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

At Ohio State, an “LGBTQ 4-H” program for middle and high school students will be held April 28, preceded by an adult “professional development” day on April 27.

What’s “professional” about promoting sexual immorality to kids?

ARTICLE continues

Walkout on the 'Day of Silence' April 27!

Will your family stand up for the truth?

On Friday, April 27, many schools throughout the U.S. will allow student groups to observe the 'Day of Silence,' a pro-homosexual and pro-transgender silent protest that communicates many harmful messages to other students.

And it also misuses instructional time to validate the non-factual, immoral "LGBTQ" agenda.

Are you a faithful Christian? Then on the Day of Silence, get ready for blatant discrimination. You are a bigot and probably responsible for violence against "born that way" homosexual students. These students must remain silent on April 27 because their voices are supposedly never heard in America and, since they are born that way, born that way and also, born that way... they are always victims and you, Christians, are responsible for all problems they encounter.

There's a problem here and it's...the truth. No student needs to go down the tragic and ungodly road of homosexuality or gender confusion. And no school should be allowing the expression of harmful ideas to students.

So keep your kids home and away from the coercive propaganda. More information is available at Day of Silence Walkout.  


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