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Joining Forces: Pro-Abortion and 'LGBT' Agendas

Linda Harvey, "Bringing America Back to Life"

Linda Harvey at Bringing America Back to Life

Friends, I recently presented a speech at Cleveland Right to Life's annual conference, "Bringing America Back to Life."

Here's the title: "The Intersection of Sexual Anarchy, the 'LGBT' Agenda and the Pro-Life Movement"

Pro-abortion and pro-homosexual forces are now openly linking arms in a number of ways, personally and politically. So it becomes very important that we stand against them together as well—pro-life and pro-family groups and individuals.

You may have thought these were separate issues. But they are foundationally connected and that happens first, through the divine design of every human.Yes, when we talk about the life issue, at the core is the preservation of a living human life, and that is a distinction. But without sexual anarchy in general, we would not be in the struggle against a pro-abortion mindset and the deceived or barbaric behavior that takes the life of another human.

The dismissal of God, His role in creation, and the reality and dignity of human life is also foundational to the “LGBTQ” agenda. And where do these agendas intersect?

Exhibit A is the activist demands for increasingly explicit and child-endangering sex education.

To learn more, watch Linda's speech on VIDEO.  

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