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PRAY for the Day of Silence & Homosexual Groups

Protecting our children in every way
Message from Linda Harvey

Friends, Friday, April 21 is the pro-homosexual “Day of Silence” in many schools and you’ve heard me talk about this day where moral values are seriously undermined and homosexual behavior and gender confusion are exalted. I am asking you to stop right now and say a prayer for this day, that truth would emerge somehow and that all the students and teachers would be protected and safe.

But also, please pray for the groups that are promoting this destruction and deviance to our children. This prayer is on our web site at missionamerica.com if you want to pass it along.

Please pray for the sponsor of the Day of Silence, GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), and also for other groups pushing children and teens into these sinful behaviors: the Human Rights Campaign, PFLAG, and the GSA Network .
Pray to the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit that:

• Staff members and volunteers of all these organizations would begin to have doubts about their programs, philosophy and objectives. That the depth of the sin and deception would become apparent to some, if not all, and that those who still have consciences would have their eyes opened.

• That schools and youth organizations connected with all these groups would begin to see the truth and sever ties with these groups, as well as others like them.

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6 Examples of Schools' Dirty Tricks

Linda Harvey, WND.com

Teachers' union NEA pushes radical homosexual agenda at school

Will teachers and school staff join students in pro-homosexual “silence” on Friday, April 21? Homosexual activists hope so.

Today, say a prayer of thanksgiving for the responsible, moral teachers out there, the ones standing between your children and a total meltdown of our schools.

Because another kind of educator is emerging -- school officials and teachers who seek to be “change agents” for radical causes and who devise plans to use your children as guinea pigs.

For some educators, defying parents while corrupting kids has become standard operating procedure. A few recent examples:

1. A 16- year-old Oklahoma girl returned home after a field trip to a youth services agency with a three-year birth control implant. No parental notice was given that students would be offered this option.
2. A high school boy in Pennsylvania was told by the school principal to just “act natural” and be “tolerant” of a girl in her underwear in the boys’ locker room. In a meeting with his parents, the superintendent touted the school’s inclusivity before suggesting that if the boy was too uncomfortable, he should withdraw and be home-schooled...

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from Mission America | Linda Harvey, President
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