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Fake Safety Concerns That Cause Real Victims

Linda Harvey, WND.com

We live in dangerous times. Some catastrophes are, as we know, acts of God.

But then there’s the tragedy of man-made risks, and today, leftists are often America’s prime perpetrators. These misguided people enable real dangers while they scream for alleged “safety.”

In fact, the clueless and easily manipulated erect barriers to authentic safety by denying and distorting the truth. In their paranoia, these folks are aided and abetted by the treasonous mainstream media.

Countless examples come to mind.

Russia is accused of unsafely influencing U.S. elections, and even GOP congressional representatives scurry to respond to a concocted crisis. Meanwhile, voters hear nothing about dirty tricks by local Democratic Party machines or the illegitimate ballot access granted to illegal immigrants.

Fake women (men) face great peril, we are told, if they enter men’s restrooms looking like that. So instead of suggesting they not dress and act as women, politicians in North Carolina and elsewhere succumb to pressure and endanger actual women and girls by allowing biological men into private female spaces.

It’s unsafe to criticize homosexuality or gender confusion in today’s public schools. This is the equivalent of “bullying” and many schools will actually promote the pro-homosexual April 21 “Day of Silence” which inaccurately portrays “LGBTQ” identifiers as victims, when this is now one of the biggest anti-freedom movements in the U.S.

So to support students who choose to embrace these unneeded, unsafe behaviors, impressionable students are indoctrinated into believing warnings are ”hate,” these choices are inborn, and counseling to teens who want to change these feelings is “dangerous.” So says the extreme Human Rights Campaign.

How much safer would Americans be without homosexual activism? It would be wonderful to find out.

Counseling for unwanted same sex attraction is so “unsafe” it has been declared illegal in New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, California, New York, Vermont, the District of Columbia and in numerous cities. In my state of Ohio, Columbus just became the latest city to stop teens who were molested from getting help to overcome sexual confusion created by that assault, because that would be “unsafe.”

So teens should be prevented from considering heterosexuality, but never stopped from gender identity change. Such counseling would also be “unsafe.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Planned Parenthood needs to be kept “safe” from undercover videos, but meanwhile, baby parts are available at PP as tiny humans are carefully dismembered.

Illegal immigrants are “safe” in “sanctuary cities,” but residents may not be. And the rule of law is threatened as cities ignore long-standing federal immigration statutes. What else are cities allowed to ignore in federal law?

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