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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Protecting Youth Against Homosexuality: A Plan for Churches

A Seven-Point Plan for Churches to Implement Now

“ For the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness...” Romans 1:18, NIV

It's already late in this game. We are sadly reminded every day that the campaign to normalize homosexuality in the minds of our kids continues incessantly. But Christian kids will be okay, because they know it’s wrong. Or so we think.

It’s not necessarily so. What is your church doing to equip kids about this specific issue? Is there any time we are “suppressing the truth” through silence? How are we teaching them to deal with the onslaught of misinformation available to them everywhere, from what they believe are trustworthy sources?

There’s a lot at stake. Everyday, the following scenes are being played out in the lives of ordinary American kids:

  • An emotionally-vulnerable boy or girl is seduced into participating in homosexual acts by a peer or an older homosexual
  • A confused young person dwells on and begins to believe privately he/she was “born” homosexual, after hearing it irepeated endlessly in our culture.
  • An adolescent turns way from authentic Christian faith, becoming convinced the Bible’s message on homosexuality is hateful, primitive or an incorrect translation.
  • A boy or girl wrongly advises a friend that it’s okay to be ‘gay’ and a Christian at the same time.
  • A troubled teen believes a sex change would solve his or her problems, and begins to dress and act as the opposite sex.
  • A curious, poorly supervised teen discovers, and becomes sexually aroused by, homosexual pornography on the Internet. He/she incorrectly concludes that such arousal reveals an inborn homosexual nature.

These aren’t the unchurched kids. We’re talking about the private interior lives of pre-teens and teens who are sitting in youth groups in Christian churches all over this country. They’re hearing one distorted message from the culture. The truth that could rescue them from the darkest and the most destructive of beliefs, concerns, and stresses over this issue, is a rare jewel, seldom revealed to them.

Homosexuality is secretly destroying the Christian faith of millions of teens, whether they are involved in the behavior or not, and adult Christians seem to be oblivious. Our silence spells the final spiritual death sentence for many of them.

If we are to save this generation, we must act now.
Here’s our Seven Point Plan for equipping Christian youth on the issue of homosexuality:

  1. Begin a serious Bible study for your youth group on homosexuality, reading and discussing the Scriptures that pertain to this issue. They are:
    Genesis, chapters 18 and 19 (chapter 18 is helpful for a broader context); Leviticus 18: 22 and 20: 13; Deuteronomy 23: 17; 1 Kings 15:12; Matthew 19:3-9; Romans 1: 18-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11; 1 Thessalonians 4: 3-8; 2 Peter 2 (whole chapter); Jude 7-8; Revelation 22:15.

  3. Repeat, and repeat again, and repeat again, that there is no evidence in Scripture or in science that homosexuality is inborn. This is not an inevitable condition for certain unlucky people, but is a developmental desire that may feel “natural” to some but ultimately is changeable. Scripture implies this many times. This is critically important to state unequivocally and often, that God created people as males and females and this created order is foundational to human life, to the revelation of God and to having a spirit that can be in close relationship with Christ. If you need more scientific ammunition, there are many fine sources available on the Internet.

  5. Put homosexuality in the broader context of sexual sin in general, showing how Scripture points to the weakness for sin all humans have especially as we stray from God’s created order and His teachings. For instance, Leviticus 18 describes the decadent sexual practices of Israel’s neighboring idolatrous cultures, and it’s not a simple matter of “gay” and “straight.” A wide range of sexual corruption lies outside the commandment against adultery. Increasingly today, “pansexuality” is being encouraged and this is consistent with pagan, ungodly sexuality as depicted both in Scripture and in ancient pagan history and archaeology. This provides one more evidence that Scripture reveals timeless truths. Without the light of Christ, many things begin to seem acceptable, but His truth brings it into focus.

  7. Make sure your youth know that no one is condemned forever through homosexual behavior or any other sin. What condemns a person is refusing to accept Christ as Saviour and lack of repentance, while willfully, deliberately continuing to sin. This is a good place to discuss the number of former homosexuals who are now publicly telling their stories.

  9. Also emphasize that Christians do not have to apologize for what the Bible says about homosexuality. All Christians should be kind, polite, and civil to others, but we need to stop apologizing and giving special recognition to homosexual sin or those involved. Sentences that start with, “I’m not homophobic, but....” are concessions to a framework of thinking that those advocating homosexuality have developed and our culture often now accepts, but Christians should not. Those who are forcing homosexuality into our schools, laws and churches -- especially those who claim to be Christian-- are twisting the truth and will be held responsible for seriously damaging people’s lives and the body of Christ. The message prohibiting homosexuality is not only good, but necessary as part of God’s careful, protective provision for us.

  11. Now, here’s the tricky part. Teens need to have some idea about what homosexuals do, and how physically destructive and high risk this behavior often is. How can this be communicated without getting overly graphic? It’s important to cover HIV risks, the lack of protection of condoms, the risks of oral sex, and the risks of anal sex. Also, one should mention the highly promiscuous nature of adult, homosexual lifestyles as most live them. Now—how is your church going to do this? Pray about what amount of detail you feel is appropriate, but given the astonishingly low amount of useful information our kids get from schools and the media on the physical risks of homosexuality, some of this needs to be addressed.

  13. Finally, we need to caution our kids against friendships with people practicing homosexual behavior, and with those who condone it, particularly those who call themselves Christians. Acquaintances are fine, but this is too explosive an issue on a same sex basis, and too great a spiritual test, for young people to be immersed in. It’s a serious mistake to believe they are mature enough to be thrust into situations which the enemy will use to confuse them. And the Bible cautions even adults of such friendships. The pertinent Scripture here is 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

The study we’ve outlined above will take some time. But it will be worth the effort, because it’s not just about homosexuality!

Many faith issues emerge as part of such a study, such as:

  • The importance of obedience to God.
  • How the Bible shows us that God is Almighty and that there is no other Savior but Christ
  • God’s created order stands no matter what current culture says, e.g., human genders will always be male and female.
  • How Christ reinforced the commandments on marriage and sexuality
  • The importance God places on family.
  • How trustworthy the Bible is, and the insights it provides even though its writings are ancient.

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