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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Who Will Rescue Endangered Teen Homosexuals?

by Linda Harvey

Homosexuality is harmful to children and other living things.

A new federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) survey provides the jaw-dropping evidence. But the left is busy blaming conservatives and everything but the obvious.

Why are young bodies built for heterosexuality engaging in the sexual equivalent of anorexia, defying anatomy and a positive, healthy future?

Here’s an analogy. In a family with suspected child abuse, what should be done?

Friends, neighbors, teachers might see the sad outcomes in the lives of this family’s children who skip school, act depressed, exhibit aggression toward peers, and start self-destructive behaviors like eating disorders, cutting, or substance abuse.

What if the abusive parents were never investigated, but instead, other possible explanations were accepted by authorities? Mean classmates, poor nutrition, or maybe…Republicans?

The most extensive report to date revealing the daily activities of homosexually-identified teens, ridiculously called “sexual minorities” by the Centers for Disease Control, is exactly this frustrating and heartbreaking. These adolescents no more qualify as “minorities” than kids who eat junk food.

Just review in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey the long list of harmful, high-risk behaviors of teens who checked a box marked “gay,” “lesbian” or “bisexual” on this extensive survey, and then ask yourself, why isn’t the obvious problem ever named?

These are not children with inborn homosexual genes whom everyone is mistreating. There are no such genes.

But that’s what the latest CDC report implies, when the stark conclusion is staring us all in the face. These are in most cases troubled kids who, following complicated early years checkered with adult misdirection, trauma, neglect, abuse, and/or steady pro-homosexual propaganda, gravitate toward sexual rebellion and recklessness.

Liberal America’s recipe for junior barbarians does, indeed, work.

Any good psychiatrist will confirm what damaged, disturbed kids do: they act out sexually. They also become self-destructive.

Why are we surprised? But our federal health officials are. Again, in lock step with radicals at the Human Rights Campaign and GLSEN, they turn and point the finger not at parents, or home life, or childhood sexualization, or shady friends, but at “stigma, discrimination and homophobia.”

The good news is that some of the self-labeled “GLB” students are not sexually active. But they are more likely to be than heterosexual students.

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey is the most comprehensive yet to examine the actual behaviors of 9th to 12th graders who consider themselves homosexual or bisexual, compared to students who identify as heterosexual. The data comes from 2015 and included 25 states and 19 large urban school districts.

And the results are bleak. Overall, 11.2 percent of students surveyed identified as “gay, lesbian, bisexual or unsure,” with the biggest block being the 6 percent of bisexual students. Perhaps students who are calling themselves “bisexual” at this tender age are active experimenters who would not be doing so except for incessant pro-homosexual propaganda in the schools and media.

Here are a few of the stunning results. Self-labeled homosexual and bisexual teens were twice as likely as heterosexual teens to have been victims of sexual or physical dating violence, to be regular cigarette smokers, to have tried marijuana before age 13, to ever have used cocaine, hallucinogenic drugs, ecstasy, taken prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription, or to have felt sad or hopeless.

They were more likely to be current marijuana users than heterosexual students, more likely to drink alcohol, and over four times as likely to have used methamphetamines or heroin.

They were four times as likely to actually attempt suicide.

Homosexual and bisexual students were about 25% more likely to have had sexual intercourse, and more likely to be currently sexually active, and to have had four or more partners.

They are more than twice as likely to have had sexual intercourse before age 13. Can we just have a heart and ask: with whom? Were these adult “partners”? ( a.k.a., molesters?)

After being quizzed about such an inappropriate and possibly traumatic event in their young lives, were these kids given an opportunity to report to an authority if this sexual contact occurred with an adult?

There is no evidence that opportunity was provided to the surveyed students. As often happens with kids today, they are victims of the trash culture and even surveyed about it, yet no one comes to their rescue.

What does this picture tell us? These self-labeled homosexual and bisexual teens are deeply discontented yet often quite intentional about high-risk activities.

The homosexual/bisexual teens are more prone to misbehavior but also more likely to be targets of misbehavior including cyber-bullying.

But is the risk of self-harm the result of peer and family disapproval? This contention doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny, especially when considering the results of a new study on same sex pairs “married” in Sweden. For decades, that culture has largely embraced homosexuality, yet these unions experienced a 270% higher rate of suicide by one of the partners compared to heterosexual couples.

Solution? The CDC recommends more “respect” for homosexual students at school, as well as more “safe spaces” and “gay-straight alliances” (homosexual clubs.) Also “inclusive” sex education. No recommendation that these minor children NOT identify as “gay, lesbian or bisexual” or engage in sexual behavior.

If all of America validated the expression of homosexuality as wonderful, would these problems disappear? No. They are a predictable consequence of violating one’s natural design.

This is a massive con job and the victims are these kids, being fed a steady diet of big fat lies. The “GLB” students most likely have gone down this road because of trauma in their personal lives. But at some point, the responsibility has to be owned by the teens themselves. Still, their problems multiply through their own poor choices and experimental mindset.

But since in some cities and states now, counseling for teens to overcome these attractions is illegal, adults have closed off an avenue of rescue, one more time.

Why is America so determined to abuse our precious children?

Originally published on, August 23, 2016.