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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Four Bad Pro-Homosexual Ohio Bills and One Good, Pro-family Proposal

House Bills 247, 389, 537 and 569. Then Pastor Protection, HB 286

by Linda Harvey

[Published June 25, 2016]

Ohio pro-family voters, please ACT on the bills listed below.

The folks pushing homosexuality and gender rebellion never seem to quit, which is why we need to be very vigilant about proposed laws and policies.

Because what they do is completely revise language with new meanings and total dismissal of the truth. Two words come to mind-- the overuse of the word “protect” in proposed homosexual laws. Actually protection is virtually never the goal of such bills, unless their real objective is to be protected from opinions they don't like. People are protected under many laws already for basic rights as a citizen.

And then, the word “discrimination.” What does that even mean anymore when used by these bullies? This term is thrown about as if there are people losing jobs, being turned out of housing, restaurants and so on who have no choice. That might be true if we were talking, sadly, about Christians, but not true about unnecessary, chosen, deviant behavior.

No, homosexual behavior and people dressing as the opposite sex are the issues, and no one needs to do any of this. Where are the facts? People are not losing jobs over this. Most people are kind and want to help people who genuinely need help. What is not needed is any back-door law that amounts to a mandatory endorsement of deviant behavior.

And so there are five bills being proposed down at the state level you should watch out for. Three are being proposed by Democrats Antonio, Driehaus and Phillips and one by a very misguided Republican. And the last one is a good one, proposed by an actual conservative Republican.

First, there’s house Bill 247, to ban counseling for same sex attractions. Yes, these folks want kids who have been molested to be denied any treatment to overcome attractions they never would have had otherwise. They would prefer these kids never learn their options and go ahead and become homosexuals. It’s a predator protection bill, in other words.

Another bill is a broad homosexual rights bill, House Bill 389, which we definitely do not want for all the reasons stated above. It gives a weapon to these bullies to force everyone to publicly respect their unnecessary behavior, which some of us will never do. There’s a bill to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the Ohio “hate crimes” statute, House Bill 569, a dangerous concept that would criminalize verbal objections to homosexuality and gender defiance. People already have protection from actual crimes now, so another law is redundant and another tool to ultimately criminalize faith objections to immoral behavior.

And then there’s a bill that Republican Bill Hayes put out there as a supposed “compromise” between the faith community and the homosexuals, but it’s a terrible bill and a real betrayal of family voters. It allows pastors and religious organizations to refuse to hold same sex ceremonies, but also gives homosexuals and gender rebels rights to employment and housing based on these behaviors. There’s nothing good that comes out of a bill like that. That bill is House Bill 537.

Please call your Republican statehouse representatives -- 1-800-282-0253 -- and tell them you don’t want any of these atrocious, anti-family, anti-freedom, and anti-child bills to go forward. Instead, let’s support the Pastor Protection Act, which is totally pro-family without dangerous and immoral compromises with those who have declared themselves enemies of faith. That good bill that would support the rights of pastors to refuse same sex ceremonies is House Bill 286, sponsored by Rep. Nino Vitale.