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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Stick With God's Plan

Show Your Support -- order today!

by Mission America
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Want to take a visible stand for authentic marriage and male/female gender identity?

There’s no better way than our “Stick with God’s Plan” stickers!

Wear them proudly at work, church or school or stick them on backpacks, purses, lockers or bulletin boards. Be creative--start these conversations!

And if you organize a group to attend a meeting or hearing, give your fellow true marriage supporters easy-to-spot identity with “God’s Plan” stickers.

“Bathroom bill” hearings, disputing privacy for male/female facilities? Order these stickers to make a positive, visible group statement!

Each sticker is round, 2 1/2" in diameter. To ORDER stickers please use the address below. At the present time, we are not doing online donations. Make sure you indicate in your mailing that you would like six stickers, twelve stickers, etc. And don't forget to add your mailing address.

Minimum order is six stickers for a suggested donation of $5.00 U.S., or twelve for $10.00, etc. (postage and handling are included).

To order, please send a check or money order to:

Mission America
P.O. Box 21836
Columbus, OH 43221

Thank you for sticking with God’s plan, and sharing the good news with others!