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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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7 Things to Expect Post- Supremes' Marriage Ruling

by Linda Harvey

[Published February 17, 2015]

The unthinkable may be near at hand: homosexuality as a “civil right.” It’s a complete lie but the signs point to the U.S. Supreme Court granting constitutional rights’ status to same sex “marriage,” and if that happens, homosexual behavior is likely to then become a civil right under U.S. law.

Will our elected representatives prevent this next step from taking place?

Here’s how this may occur. Assuming the states’ rights instructions of the Constitution don’t stop the liberal majority on the high court, and they move on to the equal protection question, their thinking is likely to go like this: that the “person” being equally protected under the law in the 14th amendment can encompass homosexual behavior.

In other words, they will have accepted something that is historically, scientifically and spiritually invalid: that there is a fixed homosexual identity, inborn for some humans, that it is neutral in impact, and so, sin is acceptable and intrinsic for some people. A constitutional right to behavioral preference opens a can of worms that won’t end at the endorsement of homosexuality.

If this homosexual “personhood” mythology is embraced as U.S. high court truth, this will be the justification for same sex “marriage.”

It should break the heart of any freedom-loving, God-honoring American to say this, but there is no evidence that America has the moral will to prevent the following “gay-stapo” dreams from being fulfilled shortly after. We could, but will we?

Here’s what’s coming:

  1. A federal employment non-discrimination act (ENDA) endorsing “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” is a probable sequel, unless the GOP -dominated Congress uses good sense and prevents it. This will mean for all practical purposes that these behaviors will become federal civil rights akin to race. And then, local ordinances would pass quickly as well. What politician can withstand the accusation of “discrimination” against a “civil right”? There are few willing or able to make the case.

  2. Following civil rights’ status for homosexuality, religious freedom to object to it will begin to evaporate. It will take some time, but unless more Americans jump on board to defend their right to freedom of conscience, the media will sell America on the “fairness” of this.

    Is it fair to compel a fellow American to violate his or her conscience to endorse same sex “marriage” and sodomy?

    Courts will start to uphold this tyranny and only the left-wing definition of what’s approved for your religious faith will be allowed protection under the melting Constitution-- unless we stop it!

  3. Hate crimes laws adding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” will be passed in many new states and federal law will be amended to expand federal penalties, unless conservative GOP representatives hold the line. We can hope and pray they do this.

  4. FCC regulations are likely to follow the Canadian model, where faith-based broadcasts are required to either go silent on this issue or go off the air. Likewise, the Internet will be censored. Expect pages and postings to be blocked much more vigorously by Google, Facebook and others as counterfeit “marriage” and sodomy rights are defended by leftist information gatekeepers. Most government networks will block pro-family sites.

  5. Schools will mandate, as the state of California already has, a uniformly pro-homosexual message and this factless propaganda will be expanded into more of the curriculum, a message that will also be required for Christian schools after religious exemptions are dismantled.

    And can you fathom sex education lessons under the spell of legal same sex “marriage”? Abstinence- until-marriage will take on a whole new meaning, one that will make sure kids know that oral and anal sex are permissible even for young teens with that same sex “date” as long as condoms and dental dams are used. After all, pregnancy is not a factor, so at what age will activists demand children be allowed to act on this new “civil right”? Eleven? Ten? Eight?

    And homecoming king and queen? What a discriminatory, heterosexist custom! It will vanish in the glow of gender-less dating and courtship.

  6. Churches will have to make some hard choices. Tax exempt status may be removed unless a church pledges not to preach “hate”-- and expect to be monitored for compliance as well as see issues upon which the church cannot preach expand to abortion, creation, the exclusivity of Christ as Savior, and so on.

    After all, these are “hateful” messages in a godless new America.

  7. As all this unfolds, the new tyranny will become one of the top issues of the 2016 presidential campaign. “What will you do to stop this nonsense?” Or, “Will you enforce the law on same sex marriage and punish objectors?” Because the GOP has painted itself into a faux “tolerance” corner, they will be scrambling for a coherent message.

    But many principled evangelicals will not vote for a president who waffles on these points, so the Democratic candidate-- no matter who he/she is -- will have an excellent chance at victory by seeming to occupy the moral high ground. The only possible change to this scenario is if the GOP nominates a courageous, authentic conservative.

    This is a depressing picture, but this tsunami will be possible because advocates and defenders of “LGBT” rights have filled the chess board with enough of the necessary pieces to win the policy game: in the bureaucracy, in the courts, in the executive branch, in the media, in our public schools, even in many churches, and even in the GOP.

So are you ready to do something? First, get your pastors to break their silence (which is why we’re in this mess) and preach about this from the pulpit, entreating people to pray fervently and speak out. People should contact every congressional representative, suggesting they rein in the Supreme Court. They have lawful methods whereby that can be done.

Then, start organizing recall campaigns for some of these lower court judges. We need to make examples of activism and lawlessness and more closely monitor judicial appointments.

Then-- donate money only to candidates or political parties that defend the truth about homosexuality and authentic, man/woman marriage.

God can change this, because with God all things are still possible. But if left up to easily -deceived humans-- including five or six of the humans on the U.S. Supreme Court--it’s not looking too good.

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