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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Protecting Children from Becoming 'Allies' to the 'LGBT' Agenda

by Linda Harvey

Coming up in October in many U.S. schools will be, if homosexual supporters can get away with it, something called “Ally Week.” It’s an effort that seeks to co-opt a posture of compassion while peddling deviance and calling it something good.

But it’s a pro-homosexual, pro-cross-dressing week, plain and simple.

The Ally Week message highlights sad experiences of very confused teens, but the purpose is never to expose the truth about these harmful behaviors and help kids overcome them, but to keep pushing sin on kids while demonizing all who try to point these students to a different standard. The effort originates with GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

So going along with this week’s message will mean children become activist endorsers of homosexuality and gender switching. And no responsible parent wants that.

Here’s how the story line goes. Propaganda from GLSEN will explain to children that they need to promise to stand up for fellow students who are “LGBT,” as the saying goes. This new label, being thrown around as if it’s the same as race, implies that “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered” identities are inborn and unchangeable. Yes, this is total nonsense, and yes, impressionable children are being deviously misled.

The hook is the issue of bullying. And of course, when student aggressors are actual bullies, they can be punished by any school now without endorsing homosexual behavior or telling boys to enter the girls’ restroom at will because some were “born in the wrong sex body.”

But ending actual bullying is not the true goal of GLSEN during Ally Week or any of this organization’s many other programs, like the “Day of Silence,” “No Name-Calling Week” (from an organization that’s doing everything possible to slander Christians and conservatives) or any of its other school outreach programs. This is how GLSEN spends a $6 million annual budget while whining about being “victims.” No, the real goal is to point the finger at natural marriage, at Judeo-Christian sexual moral standards, and call them evil. “That’s bullying!” is the attitude of the student activists being trained by GLSEN in the “gay-straight alliances” (homosexual clubs) in high schools and middle schools. It’s also the attitude of some teacher activists as well.

Are adolescents drawn to homosexuality always victims? Some are and I believe most school administrators are quick to punish vicious verbal or physical assaults no matter what the motive. But GLSEN wants to put schools on the defensive and teach children to be suspicious of those in authority (unless the authority is a teacher who’s an out and proud homosexual or has undergone a sex change).

“Ally Week” indoctrinates your children to defend homosexuals and that means they are to defend their behaviors, desires and lifestyles. Kids are told to promise to speak up if they hear, quote, “anti-LGBT language.” And what might that be? Beyond verbal harassment that can be disciplined now, this public relations campaign using your children casts a wide net and seeks to end all objections to Gay, the Behavior.

You see where this often ends up. It’s a fascist program for viewpoint suppression and discrimination.

When I write things like this, or mention this on my radio program, ”gay” bloggers or even GLSEN itself goes into viewpoint distortion mode and re-translates this to mean that I, along with other conservatives, “want ‘LGBT’ kids to be bullied!” I hope you are discerning enough to understand this is hardly the case. It’s not conservatives who are causing these problems. It’s those who can’t distinguish between child corruption and true compassion, and who want to use children as agents for perverted social change and they really don’t care about the short or long-term impact in that child’s life.

And they want to demonize true allies, those who are really concerned about the misguided students falsely stereotyped as “LGBT,” who are being encouraged into harmful, high-risk conduct. These kids need conservatives to care enough and respect them enough to stand up to their evil manipulators.

Most children want to be true friends. They want to help the underdog. And here’s the real trick of Satan—it’s especially children like yours and mine, raised as Christians, raised to want to be kind to others as God has been merciful to us, who are often vulnerable to this message, unless we teach them keen discernment along with that Christ-like compassion.

So we need to teach them “Yes” to politeness and compassion. “Yes” to standing up if you see someone being verbally or physically assaulted. But “No” to defending the worth of homosexual identities. “No” to saying it’s fine for nine-year olds to use the opposite sex restroom if they are tragically confused. “No” to calling boys and girls by new names like “purple penguins” to avoid the truth—and beauty -- of gender differentiation.

“No” to 13- year- old girls who claim they are “dating” other girls. And “No” to telling students they aren’t permitted to disagree with homosexual behavior.

That type of religious and free speech discrimination is the true objective of GLSEN during “Ally Week.” Just your child’s respectfully-expressed opinion may mean she is a bully, not an “ally.” What child wants to be labeled in this way? This is the true bullying and stereotyping underway, enabled by those who claim they are against such actions. There’s underlying hate here, and it’s on the part of these extremists leading children into sin.

So just be alert, parents, if your student comes home with flyers or brochures and starts talking about being an “Ally.” It’s time to sit your child down and explain that God’s idea of an Ally is someone who is kind but who never, as we are told in 1 Corinthians 13, rejoices in sin, but instead always rejoices in the truth.

A true ally will share the reality about homosexual behavior, that it’s a sin, and the truth about gender switching, that it’s a great affront to God’s wonderful design of each of us as male or female. An authentic ally will also share that God is more than willing to change us and forgive us if we repent.

That would be a true ally and a truly forever friend.