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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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NEA Teachers Union 2014 More Extreme than Ever

Global “Gay” Children and Gender–Free Restrooms

by Linda Harvey

The National Education Association wrapped up another radical convention early in July. The delegates in Denver focused modestly on education and a lot more on far-left issues like pushing homosexuality on kids, defending the influx of illegal immigrants, and supporting breastfeeding teachers while staunchly maintaining the organization’s advocacy to abort children.

Welcome to America’s confused teaching profession.

The good news is that some teachers may be re-thinking the NEA. Perhaps the one-sided indoctrination is wearing thin, because NEA membership continues to decline. While NEA is losing teacher/school staff members, ironically the union actively promotes the loss of future students through its adamant pro-abortion policies.

The membership of the largest union in the country is now around 2.5 million people, mostly teachers and school staff. When the NEA representative assembly convenes each year around the Fourth of July, the convention includes nearly 9,000 delegates and exhibitors.

Policy decisions of the NEA annual meeting are then promoted to schools throughout the nation and even globally. This year the group adopted another slate of radical positions to push homosexuality and gender confusion into the lives and minds of youth, positions that will essentially endanger the health and well-being of the students they teach.

And there’s also an ongoing anti-life push at NEA. One proposal to amend the union’s longstanding pro-abortion policy, I-17, sought the union’s strong opposition to state laws tightening health regulations for abortion mills (“family planning clinics”). “Clinics are closing!” was the desperate cry of the Iowa delegate who submitted the “clinic rescue” language. The amendment failed to pass but only because the chair ruled that current policy already had this covered.

So, NEA opposes efforts to make a medical procedure safer for women? (Abortion is never safe for babies, but that’s another story.) Haven’t we all been told saving women from botched abortions is why the “abortion rights” movement began?

There was one bright spot. The union called for Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to resign. The bad news, should that happen, is anybody the Obama administration might appoint to replace him.

But at least the NEA delegates know how to have fun. The group celebrated in one session with a repeat of vulgar dancing to the “Wobble” song again, as they did last year, complete with the “N” word and X-rated misogynistic lyrics. There were ludicrously obscene speeches on the convention floor by members (“I have a penis!”). And those who attended in drag ( i.e., a man dressed as a woman) were able to use the conspicuously- labeled “gender neutral” restrooms. Now there’s a top priority for teachers if we ever saw one.

Keep in mind these are people in the profession of educating and guiding children.

The influence of the homosexual caucus at the NEA is tremendous and so among the brochures delegates received was an elaborate color pamphlet entitled, “Welcome LGBT Visitors: Denver the Mile High City.” In fact, these brochures were deliberately spread all over the exhibit of the Ex-Gay Educators Caucus in a show of childish intolerance. Other lapses in maturity included the ready availability of condoms for delegates, because what happened in Denver apparently stayed in Denver.

But then there’s the official business. In “New Business Item 48,” NEA approved the promotion of the “Respect for All Project” by a group called “Groundspark,“ a film production company responsible for the highly controversial “It’s Elementary” documentary from fifteen years ago showing little children receiving pro-homosexual lessons at school. The NEA also decided to publish a list of what they call “LGBTQ” books for classrooms, and that’s the acronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning.” As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, many “gay”-themed books for youth are vulgar, sexually explicit, and full of anti-Christian inaccuracies.

The NEA delegates also passed New Business Item 52 to launch a global “gay” education effort, partnering with GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network; the Human Rights Campaign’s pro-homosexual program for elementary grades called Welcoming Schools; and GALE, the Global Alliance for LGBT Education, a Netherlands-based pressure group affiliated with UNESCO. GALE is also associated with ILGA, the International Lesbian and Gay Association. GALE receives funding from ARCUS Foundation in Michigan, whose notorious executive director, Kevin Jennings, was the founder of GLSEN.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear “Netherlands” and “gay” in the same sentence, it immediately brings another word to mind: pedophilia. And sure enough, GALE’s affiliate, ILGA, is a highly controversial group with ties in the past to several pro-pedophile groups, including NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association.

In other words, America’s largest union will be joining other radicals with child corruption track records to promote these deviant behaviors to schoolchildren throughout the globe.

GLSEN is already going down the global road. They joined with UNESCO and GALE to recently convene representatives from grass roots “gay” groups in Buenos Aires to launch an effort called the “Global Network Combating Homophobic and Transphobic Prejudice and Violence in Schools.” Same playbook GLSEN has used before: the convenient tool of “violence” prevention to promote homosexuality to children. Yet it’s a fact that all nations can address bullying and safety without encouraging more unsafe behaviors in the lives of children, like early sexual activity, exposure to HIV/AIDS, and use of sex change hormones.

One major theme of the GLSEN meeting in Argentina was how to push back religious opposition, the need for a “secular state,” and the obstacle of parents. One talking point said, “Parents shouldn’t be allowed to intervene.”

Indeed, pro-family conservative Christians, Jews and Muslims are a continual thorn in the side of the radicals at the U.N., blocking many of their measures that seek a global blessing for sexual depravity.

Another theme of the GLSEN meeting in Buenos Aires was to make sure their efforts included youth, and that students have expressed their frustration about “lack of recognition” in these movements. So again, the excuse for perversion promotion is all about the children, with radical measures rationalized in the name of “youth empowerment” and “human rights.”

But the GLSEN meeting report also included this: that adults need to understand, regarding youth, that “we are sexual and we have desire.” So it’s not just about “gay” identities for kids. It’s about enabling them to have an early sexual debut. Let’s never forget that active child seduction is always at the bottom of these efforts.

And also, not surprisingly, another outline point of the Argentina GLSEN/GALE meeting was “youth sex workers.” The U.N. radicals’ push to legitimize prostitution by calling it “sex work” is now extended to minors, apparently. This is what you get with global “LGBT” advocacy, as tireless pro-family advocates working at the United Nations can tell us. It’s the most radical of movements fueled by sexual frenzy, anti-Christian bigotry and Marxist destructivism. And the NEA is this going to use American teacher dues’ funds to affiliate with these sexual anarchists? More efforts to sexualize children early and call it “justice”? Who’s kidding whom here?

NEA will continue to lose members as more learn about how their programs put children directly in harm’s way, while deceptively talking about “safety” and preventing harm.

We can all be thankful that there were courageous people on hand in Denver to report the union’s actions, and that because of increasing controversy, many teachers disagree with the NEA’s actions and priorities and are saying, “Sayonara!”

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