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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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The Wrong Side of Eternity

by Linda Harvey

The church in drag is here. Not content in some quarters with God’s design, she seeks a gender change to become an artificial creation of man’s vain imagination. But it’s not a good look.

The progressive Christian bandwagon has a rainbow flag, men in pink feather boas, and Democratic Party politicians. And as certain apostate churches jump on, I think Jesus might be jumping off.

The Presbyterian Church USA is now fully on board with same sex “marriages,” a decision made at its recent [2014] meeting in Detroit. This wayward group already embraced homosexual clergy several years back. The recent General Assembly meeting also voted down defending babies born alive in spite of attempted abortion—i.e., this denomination is in the same camp as convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell.

The liberal hierarchy also voted to divest the denomination of certain stock connected with Israel. The Israelis are the bad guys and the Palestinians are perennial victims, and a majority in the PCUSA has bought this pro-Islam, anti-Semitic baloney.

The good news is that many in their flock will flee from the decisions of the foolish leaders, a division that could have been predicted. But self-destruction follows spiritual and sexual anarchy, and its rotten fruits are stinking up huge swaths of the American plain, along with outposts of the professing Christian church.

It’s not just the leftist Presbyterians. The United Church of Christ just proudly announced sponsorship of the “Gay” Games in Cleveland in August, 2014. This denomination has been on a radical path for forty years, with today’s UCC considered a partner in “gay” activism by the extremist Human Rights Campaign.

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