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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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An Introduction and Welcome to Mission America

What is our mission all about?

by Linda Harvey, President
Welcome! I hope you have arrived here because you are concerned about the major social issues of our day. I am hoping you also bring an open mind, because we want to share with you our thoughts, relevant research and how Christian doctrine applies.

We focus a lot here on homosexuality because of its rising visibility yet controversial place in current America life. There are many problems, however, with the wild claims of advocates and the radical changes occurring in our country.

Some people say homosexuality is normal and natural, and must be an inborn condition of some people. Some believe it does not conflict with Christian faith, and that anyone who questions this conduct does so out of "hate."

Not true, any of it. Homosexuality is not normal and natural, not inborn for anyone and is totally contradictory to Christian principles and the plain message of Scripture. And questioning these claims is respectful to genuine human rights. It's also helpful, not harmful because it gives people hope if they approach with open minds seeking the truth.

Please read our articles knowing that these are the basic assumptions:

  • No one is born homosexual or in the "wrong sex body"
  • People can turn away from these desires and behavior, and live happier, more fulfilling lives in the way God designed each of us.
  • Christian faith has never accepted homosexual acts and never will. Our Almighty God is unchanging. And homosexuality doesn't become more acceptable in a committed relationship or same sex "marriage"
  • Yet… our God is merciful and forgiving to any who confess their sins and turn away. And that's a very, very positive message!

  • In other words, homosexuality is a desire and a behavior only. It is not an inborn destiny and identity for anyone. How can I make such a blanket statement? Because I believe Scripture, I trust my own common sense, and I believe the overwhelming conclusion anyone can draw after doing thorough research.

    And there's also human history. The story of humankind is littered with people who were "sure" something or other was their destiny. Many of these perceptions turned out to be sad delusions, sometimes causing great destruction.

    There's one more essential fact. Thousands of Americans, perhaps more, are ex- homosexuals. I know quite a few folks who publicly identify as former homosexuals and even some former transsexuals. When you read our articles here, please keep in mind that we make the assumption - because it's the truth-- that no one has to be a homosexual. Despite strong attractions, anyone can turn away and change, young or old.

    So, for instance, when we criticize so-called "non-discrimination" policies based on "sexual orientation" and "gender identity," it's not because we don't think people should be treated fairly in basic, human ways. But homosexual behavior is not one of those basic human necessities, and policies that are sneaky, back-door ways to force everyone to publicly accommodate homosexual behavior are poorly-constructed public policy endorsing immoral conduct. Again, people don't have to be homosexuals. It is NOT like race!

    And people shouldn't be homosexuals. There are many risks and poor outcomes to living a life as a homosexual. When it comes to voting and public policy, our belief is that responsible Christians who follow the teachings of Christ will use the blessing God has given us-our voice and our vote - to try to overcome sexual decadence in America with the truth. We can do that by our advocacy, our personal testimonies (where they apply and are possible) and by voting for moral, healthy, wholesome practices and principles.

    There will be a high cost if we don't, and that cost will impact everyone, not just Christians and conservatives. If Americans and other cultures sweep homosexuality and gender change into their societies without question, they can expect a societal revolution with a catastrophic result.

    Think about it. Man/man relationships, or woman/woman, challenge the foundational nature of human biology, human nature and the structure of the family. And there is nothing helpful about doing this. Sure, some people think this is what they want, today. So do the rest of us just consent? And there's a price to be paid for such consent. All of us will be agreeing to let our culture affirm this, and our children be tutored in this aberrant ideology.

    I for one am not willing to assent to this!

    Could our ancestors have been so completely wrong for all these millennia? Was it all a patriarchal plot by ignorant and unenlightened people? Or is it possible that those pushing this behavior are dreadfully and tragically wrong, selfish and uninterested in actual fairness, justice and truth?

    When the push is to legalize homosexuality as marriage, or to indoctrinate impressionable children to welcome such relationships, or to add homosexual behavior to non-discrimination laws-should we just go along as an aspect of the commandment to "love thy neighbor" and as a function of today's exalted virtue of "tolerance"?

    No, because overlooking bad behavior does no one any favors. Embracing homosexuality is nowhere close to what Jesus meant by loving one's neighbor, since God (and Jesus was and is God, don't forget) told us in Scripture that homosexual conduct is an "abomination," and is one of the many out-of-marriage sexual behaviors always identified as sin.

    Encouraging others in sin is NEVER a part of how God reveals His love in the Bible, nor how we are to love one another.

    The consequences of condoning homosexuality are observable in America. HIV cases related to male homosexuality continue to rise, around 30,000 new infections each year. It's also rising among teen males. Why? This preventable behavior doesn't need to happen in the first place. But our confused public health sector bows to the demands of the "gay" lobby instead of recommending what will end the epidemic: refraining from male/male sexual practices.

    Another negative outcome: as predicted, strong-arm tactics against Christians and conservatives are piling up, since "gay" advocates now openly try to silence those who oppose their behavior. Vicious bloggers and even major media outlets have falsely labeled us, twisting the truth or simply accepting at face value the misinformation provided by the "gay" lobby without getting our side of the story.

    Mission America has been the target of this kind of mistreatment, "gay" activist bullying using tactics that are cruel, childish, vulgar, and deceitful. There are many, many stories I could tell, but rather than dwell on mistreatment, it's better to just press on with our work to educate those who will listen. Hopefully, you are one of those!

    If America simply accepts the changes in law and policy the homosexual lobby wants, we accept their unproven assumptions: that some people are born to engage in homosexual relations, to assimilate the "gay" concept of sexual propriety. America is to never question "gay pride" parades, for instance, or the kinds of books, TV shows, movies, web sites, social media they think are positive for young children. The tawdry by-products of sexual anarchy are all around us.

    We are expected to be comfortable with teaching our children to never find homosexuality repulsive while showing respect for unions that involve unhealthy practices. The conception of children with a same sex partner is impossible, but these relationships in obvious defiance of the clear teaching of Scripture are supposed to represent "equality." Common sense, health, history and Christian faith say otherwise.

    Mission America is not alone in challenging these assumptions. We intend to continue asking questions. And you should, too!

    The impact on youth
    The biggest reason we took this issue on is because of the influence on children and teens. Say what you want about what adults can or should do, or what's legal or not for them. But when you legalize homosexuality, you open the door to the tutoring of children in a web of inaccuracies that can have lifelong, tragic results. Some kids are being corrupted early by misinformation on homosexuality. It's likely that loss of hope and corruption are much bigger factors in any incidents of self-harm by "LGBT" youth, than the lack of endorsement by Christians and conservatives of "gay" identities.

    Our kids are learning some bigoted, discriminatory and false messages from "gay" advocates: "Hate Christians--don't listen to them. Any bullying incidents are all their fault! Don't believe there are any special health risks. Jesus would be fine with two women together"….and so on. Lie upon lie upon harmful lie.

    Those who want this revolution, "gay rights" leaders, seem to have no problem with pushing young kids toward declaring themselves "gay" and starting sexual activity early. These adults scream over any message to kids to delay sex, to at least wait until they are mature. This is deeply wrong. At the very least, children should be encouraged to postpone sexual activity until adulthood, ideally until marriage.

    But no. Youth are being pressured to take up homosexual identities and sexual relationships whenever it suits them. Only irresponsible adults who really don't care about kids will undermine their long-term well-being, and package it as some kind of "right."

    Every time I become discouraged by yet another outrageous email, and think of quitting, I remember these 13 or 14 -year -olds who are being sold a package of lies-about sexuality, about Christianity, about what is decent, hopeful and positive for a long life and great future. And I know that those of us who want to help kids, help families and to be a light in a darkening America, must keep pushing on and pushing back against this wicked agenda.

    Thanks for visiting. Our prayer is that you read truth here and act on it -- lawfully, respectfully, yet diligently. Let's recognize the blessing America has been and can be again.

    With God all things are still possible!