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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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The Rainbow Assault on America's Children

How "gay pride" parades impact our cities, families, workplaces

by Linda Harvey

It's bad enough that the Supreme Court is inventing rights to homosexuality-as-marriage that don't exist in the Constitution--but with the worldwide phenomenon of 'gay pride' in our streets each summer, there's reason to believe this movement is too much to overcome.

But is that really true? Anything based on a series of unfortunate lies is extremely fragile. Let's just see how fragile 'gay pride' might look up close.

In the summer months, many cities in the U.S. allow the disturbing spectacle of deviance parades witnessed by growing numbers who cheer in shameless approval. In terms of Romans 1:26-28 and 32, this is breathtakingly arrogant, in-your-face defiance of our gracious Creator.

Homosexuality is really nothing to be proud of, although envisioning a different life and living it, as many thousands of ex-homosexuals have done, is truly something to celebrate.

But 'LGBT pride' has high-level approval. President Barack Obama has issued proclamations honoring homosexuality and June as 'LGBT Pride Month' every year since he's been in office. One of the most outrageous things President Obama has done in his lavish support for all aspects of the homosexual agenda, is to involve impressionable children.

At a homosexual pride event at the White House in June 2013, he allowed two third grade sisters to introduce him after declaring their support for homosexual rights. It's heartbreaking, to see sweet little girls enlisted to support an agenda of profound sexual immorality. The two girls mentioned their 'two moms' and how much their moms love them. Probably true, but beside the point. Affection does not excuse homosexual sin. These girls have been deceived. The truth is, they don't have two moms. They have one mom, and somewhere, a dad. No child anywhere on planet Earth will ever have 'two moms' or "two dads."

I attended a recent 'gay pride' parade in Columbus. I'd been to one a few years earlier, and the bad news is that the event has grown much, much larger.

Corporate support is everywhere. Macy's, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, JC Penney, Chipotle, Frito-Lay, and many others. Local Ohio banks, Fifth-Third and Huntington. American Family Insurance. All had sizeable contingents of marchers and banners.

So the continuing high incidence of HIV among males who have sex with males, generating around 29,000 new cases per year in the U.S., is acceptable to these companies and their boards of directors? Just asking. This abundant fruit, so to speak, of the homosexual community is now ignored by the media and considered a big yawn, except by those infected, of course.

JC Penney even sponsored a 'Teen Village,' with activities for teens from ages 13 to 19 well into Saturday evening following the parade. Aside from the disturbing thought of 13- year- olds socializing with 19- year- olds (apparently no one is concerned here about the potential for child molestation), the teen program advertised that it would include performances by 'drag queens and kings,' which are males and females flamboyantly dressed as the opposite sex.

And we wonder why some kids are seriously messed up?

Also among the parade marchers were proud politicians. And churches: Episcopal, United Methodist, Evangelical Lutheran and Metropolitan Community Churches, which are founded on a pro-homosexual platform.

One banner from the New Creation Metropolitan Community Church included a prominent slogan: 'United Against the Flood of Homophobia.' I looked around. There were thousands of cheering people and not one visible expression of homophobia, or even disapproval, much less anything like a flood. And of course, the lavish parade itself, including banners on all the city streetlight poles, was allowed on Columbus' main thoroughfare. Hyperbole, anyone? But no surprise. This movement has cut its teeth on over-the-top whining and victim posturing.

The most disturbing element was the children, lots of them, many with some sort of rainbow jewelry, flag or banner on a stroller. Signs like, "I love my two dads," which the nine or ten-year old next to "dad" had stopped holding and dad was doing for him. Again, what about the mom deliberately left out of this picture? Children want to know both their moms and their dads. To deny them this, is to be selfish, immature parents.

What these folks are proud of is deeply disturbing as a cultural trend but more importantly as an indicator of the depraved values they accept and are working actively to promote. Homosexuality is profoundly disordered, is often harmful physically [think, anal sex between two guys], is empty of the creation of new life, and ends up hurting the participants themselves as well as those to whom their lives are connected. And it's not "hate" to say so-just fact.

Homosexuality is also a considerable threat to religious liberty and free speech, as the demand to show 'respect' for these lifestyles is fast becoming a club to silence people who won't assent and don't want homosexual approval taught to their children. The leaders of this movement talk about tolerance, but check out what they do, not what they say. The unfounded harassment incidents are starting to pile up.

So pray for this movement as we also decide what we can do, lawfully, about 'gay pride' in our cities every year. Maybe God is calling you to start a petition drive, get a group to contact your city council, or marshal a movement in your church.

We have God on our side. There has to be an answer, because this is wrong, so very, very wrong.

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