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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Statement on Supreme Court Marriage Decision

June 26, 2013

by Linda Harvey

God has not changed His mind about marriage or homosexuality, but the United States Supreme Court majority is not intimidated by an Almighty God.

The decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court in two cases involving same sex so-called marriage are both disheartening. In striking down a portion of the federal Defense of Marriage Act passed in 1996,the Court found rights in the Constitution for two men or two women to marry. Such rights are inventions and in fact, do not exist in our Constitution.

In another case, the people's vote in California to affirm marriage as one man and one woman has been ignored, because the Supreme Court found no standing for a group of citizens to defend the law. Yet this leaves voters in California without a defense, since elected officials in that state refuse to do their jobs and uphold/defend law.

This is chaos and lawlessness on a state level and judicial activism at the highest court in the land.

In one dissenting opinion, Justice Alito discussed the long-term consequences of embracing same sex marriage, that we really don't know how it will play out down the road.

Indeed, it's a revolution, one with little forethought, and many people who ought to know better now affirm this sinful conduct. Our concern going forward should be for the children, especially those in the states and the District of Columbia where homosexual marriage is now legal on a federal level. Militant homosexual activism will profoundly affect the children in these states, and their access to truth will be diminished or denied. The homosexual lobby will now have their fondest dreams fulfilled, in that most American children will march to a new one-note tune.

The radicals dream of expanding their conquered territory in the public square, and they now have the highest court's blessing to do so. This will be most visible in our nation's schools. Already in California, by law, no schoolchildren hear any objections to homosexual or "transgender" behavior, and in Massachusetts, the Department of Education says gender confused children must have access to opposite sex restrooms and locker rooms. Within a short time, this will become the new unjust standard in the other same sex marriage states as well, and concerned parents would be wise in those states to remove their children from the public schools. The climate in public education is about to get very oppressive for people of faith.

Homosexual advocates will attempt to silence those who object to homosexuality, with the goal to allow only one viewpoint in every schoolroom, and it will be the wrong one. Remember, these folks just captured the Boy Scouts. The hearts and minds of children are a cherished prize of homosexual activism, and parental objections will be shoved aside.

Their dream is that America's little children will hear that when they grow up, they might date and marry someone of the opposite sex or it might be the same sex, or they might want to change their biological gender, and all this should not cause distress or angst. It's good and progressive and all other views are "hate."

In this new world, a completely upside-down standard for dating, masculinity/ femininity, courtship, future dreams and permissible behavior will evolve. The widespread embrace of homosexuality at the very least would mess with the minds and innocence of children at critical stages of development.

If this concerns you as it does me, I ask you to stand for the truth, speak up, and keep standing. Let's all act intentionally to protect and defend the right of our children to know the truth.

God's Word still stands. Let's never forget that.