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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Are you pro-life? You should also stand against homosexuality.

Pro-lifers need to be activists for natural marriage.

by Linda Harvey
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What does the abortion issue have to do with homosexuality?

It's hard to imagine being pro-life without thinking about God's role in the creation of each new life, made in His image, infused with an eternal soul.

So how can some of these same people who are fervently pro-life justify holding views that approve of homosexuality? What happened to God the Creator?

He is being ignored in favor of popular opinion. The discerning Christian opposes abortion personally as well as its legalized horror in public policy. We oppose Roe v. Wade, we oppose the legalized killing of 55 million lives, we mourn that loss of life. We recognize that many have gone down this road, and some have repented and experienced God's mercy and healing, yet we still must strive to end abortion in America.

The increasing popularity of the pro-life cause today is very good news. However, why do some simultaneously hold this other view that essentially subverts the life orientation embedded in all God's blessings? This subversive view is the approval of homosexual relationships.

"Love is what matters," we hear, and as long as it's "committed," then even Christians --fervently pro-life Christians --can supposedly nod in affirmation.

But wait just a doggone minute. How can we ignore the clear teaching of Scripture on homosexuality, that it is always sin? Are we to applaud God's gift to males and females of the awesome capacity to participate in the creation of new life, but then turn around and ignore, even undermine that privilege by accepting unions that spit in the face of this blessing? These are the two men or two women relationships that stand in symbolic and literal rejection of the miracle that produced their own lives.

By traveling the road of same sex attraction, identity, then public "pride," the homosexual closes the door to new life conceived with a partner. It's a firm repudiation of one's earthly heritage. What Mom and Dad did is not going to be replicated in their lives, and it's a cause for celebration.

They declare, "Don't need that--not important." This is love? It's not love of, nor respect for, God. Sorry, but this is one more rip-off of the riches of God's love toward us, grabbing the pleasure but diminishing the creative force that it signifies. There's a reason sex is intensely pleasurable. New human life may be the product of that intensity. It's a huge red arrow, a clue God uses to point us to something vitally important: "Pay attention to what I am doing here!"

When humans ignore, dismiss or misuse this pleasure/creation gift, we are letting worldly blindness limit and define us. It's also an entitlement mentality. Once again, we have more "takers" (of pleasure alone) than "makers" (of the possible fruitfulness of children). And that covetous attitude is bad news for the people involved as well as our culture.

Without the firm commitment to the ideal of sexuality within marriage, the pro-life movement will also have limited fruitfulness. Saving the unborn is crucial, but without addressing the outlandish behaviors that Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton enable, we will run in circles. Pro-lifers need to be fervent fans of and promoters of marriage and activists in defending it.

I'm talking male/female marriage, of course, as designed by our Trinitarian Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and that means Jesus, as He laid out for us in Matthew 19 and Mark 10 (not to mention earlier in Genesis 2).

Homosexual unions never meet any kind of test for a pro-life ethic. Not only are they sinful ( Genesis 19, Lev. 18:22, Romans 1: 26-27, et. al) but they are missing the life element essential to a God-centered family. And while it's true not every heterosexual married union produces life, and certainly not at every sexual encounter, they often do, and each married sexual act symbolizes that creation. Each male-female married relationship is a teaching moment to current and future generations.

So, tragically, are homosexual relationships. If we embrace them, we teach the young that the absence of life --the empty womb, the fruitless union -- is our new ideal. Just think about the profound implications of this. It's sexual gluttony, clogging the arteries of health and vibrancy, of potency and productivity. And just like abortion, it puts destructive human limits on life, limits that break God's heart. We need more human life, not less.

The next time you encounter the pro-life, pro-homosexual person who claims to be a believer, challenge them. This is man's construction, not God's. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). And Jesus is clear about homosexuality. It's a literal and figurative dead end, and He designed us for something far better.