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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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We Appreciate Words of Encouragement!!

Thank you to those who support Mission America even when we are under attack.

by Staff

We so deeply appreciate our friends and fellow family warriors!

Mission America has been receiving yet another round of vicious emails reacting to headlines on homosexual blogs that don't accurately reflect our positions or statements.We believe these to be deliberate smear campaigns to try to discredit our work. But there are many people who know us and know these deceptions don't convey the truth.

So after we told a few of you about these unwarranted attacks, Mission America received messages like the following. You don't know how much this means to us!

Thank you SO much and God bless you all.


From a retired teacher and children's book author:

I think the world of Linda Harvey and her Mission America program! When others--even some pastors--shy away from truth, Linda does not. She is my main reason for listening to WRFD. It's so refreshing to know that someone is out there who truly stands up for the well being of our children, traditional marriage (as God intended, between a man and a woman), and against the dismemberment of babies in utero. The only thing better than hearing Linda Harvey on radio would be to be able to get her on TV, too!!


From an Ohio attorney in private practice:

I understand that there are a lot of false accusations running around about the content of Linda Harvey's shows...because of her moral stand against some of the negative influences in our society today. I believe that she has a valid message to bring in support of the development of our society, and especially, our children.


From homeschooling parents:

Please count us among the many wholehearted SUPPORTERS of Linda Harvey and Mission America. She provides an invaluable message of Truth that our world desperately needs to hear... Linda speaks for countless others and she does so articulately and with a measure of courage that few in our culture demonstrate these days.

We know that her programs are NOT "hateful". To the contrary, she has a deep love and concern for our country, our culture, our children and the moral abyss we have fallen into, largely because of the deception of the homosexual and abortion movements. We have known Linda for many years and we know that her life, and therefore her messages, are deeply rooted in the love of Jesus Christ. Ironically, it is those who wish to suppress other viewpoints (especially those that are grounded in Biblical Truth and convict them of their own sin) who respond with hate, but this shouldn't surprise us. The Bible says that the world hated Jesus and when we choose to follow Him, they will hate us too. Of course, as redeemed sinners, we are now called to love those who persecute us so that they too, can come to a saving knowledge of His great love for them.


From an Ohio mom and political activist:

Linda Harvey shares the truth with love, and I appreciate her steady, thoughtful, even-handed approach to issues.


From a conservative blogger:

I'm a former liberal agnostic, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the accusations and claims directed at Mrs. Linda Harvey by homosexual activists are knee-jerk reactions based on mischaracterizations and false presuppositions.

I have listened to Linda's broadcasts and read her articles. She will simply state why homosexual BEHAVIOR is immoral based on Biblical principles and also state how there are high degrees of medical and health consequences to that BEHAVIOR. Another words, Linda believes in the most non-judgmental truth with regards to this issue.

Linda Harvey has been "tough" on this issue but extremely civil and kind-hearted.


From an executive of a national Christian organization:

I know that Linda Harvey's programs do not contain 'hate' but are full of concern about the moral implosion in this country due to the deception of the homosexual and abortion movements. Her special concern is for our children and the influence of radical social agendas on their development.

As a popular target of the rabid vitriol from the secular left, I know personally of their hateful campaigns like the one now leveled against Linda. Obviously, her message is on target or they would simply ignore her.


From an Ohio attorney:

I appreciate Mission America, and Linda Harvey, in particular, because it is a view point to support marriage between husband and wife and supports life from conception. We all have choices to make in what and how we believe. I support the right to information from all viewpoints so people may freely choose which view points and philosophies they want to support and belief systems they want to adopt. Mrs. Harvey's special concern is for our children and the influence of radical social agendas on their development.