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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Ohio House Bill 335: Do We Need "Gay" Pride at School and Work?

by Linda Harvey

It's not about equality. It's about immorality.

People who believe homosexuality is a good thing are back again at the Ohio Statehouse. A new bill has just been introduced into the Ohio House of Representatives that claims to be about homosexual “equality”, but it turns out, that’s not true.

It’s House Bill 335, called the “Equal Housing and Employment Act.” Its sponsors are Nickie J. Antonio (D) of the 13th District (Cleveland area), and Ross McGregor (R) of the 72nd district (Springfield area).

You might remember the effort two years ago to pass a similar bill, then called House Bill 176. Well, it’s the same outrageous effort all over again. That bill passed the Ohio House, but stalled in the Senate. A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch had this biased headline, proclaiming, quote: “Bill seeks protections for gays.”

But no, it doesn’t. It seeks protection for homosexual behavior, which doesn’t need or deserve protection, because people are always better off without it.

This bill will force everyone at work or school to approve of, or remain silent about, the open expression of homosexual behavior and cross-dressing as well as workers who choose to have a sex change operation, a mutilation/amputation of healthy body parts which is never necessary.

Teachers and employees can openly proclaim a homosexual identity, or dress and act like the opposite sex, and they will not be able to be fired, demoted or disciplined. Taxpaying parents and their children will just have to adjust.

Also, students must be admitted to schools regardless of “sexual orientation or gender identity.” So the fourth grader who has been convinced by his wayward parents that he is a girl, will remain in class, causing disruption and confusion among the other students, and probably without anyone coming to this poor little guy’s rescue through counseling. His tragic behavior must be “affirmed” at all costs. The agenda is everything; children are just useful tools.

The bill contains an exception for businesses 15 employees and under, and for specifically religious organizations. But no exception is made for a business owner who happens to also be a Christian, or for anyone who doesn’t want his/her business staffed by people engaged in homosexual conduct.

The bill also requires that rental property be made available to homosexuals and cross-dressers if they desire to live in a specific accommodation. A landlord’s objection doesn't matter.

Day care centers and pre-schools must also hire homosexuals and transvestites. There are many other provisions of the bill that deal with nursing homes, credit, real estate, and memberships in organizations.

Especially troubling is the bill’s call for developing school programs to address prejudice and its origins. Objective and factual? Unlikely. Do we have any doubt about who will be in the crosshairs of such a report?

Two years ago, in House Bill 176 hearings,a teacher named Jimmie Beall was the star witness, claiming her teaching contract was not renewed only because she was a lesbian. Her defense in that case had been provided by the ever-liberal Ohio Education Association, which also lobbied for HB 176. The facts on Beall’s non-renewal were in some dispute, but many people believe that openly homosexual teachers being dismissed is not a problem, if a teacher insists on proclaiming his or her sexual preferences to students.

Here’s why. It’s not “who they are.” It’s what they do. They have a choice, as does every other employee you will hear interviewed or testifying about this. They were not born with a different genetic make-up than other humans, and they are still responsible for their behavior and conduct, even more so as teachers. They can pursue counseling to change sexual desire, and they can always choose to not act on homosexual attractions. That would be the wise course of action for many, many reasons, and it is completely possible to do. Thousands of ex-homosexuals have done this.

But here again, deep deception is at work. It’s not true they were born this way. Peer-reviewed science is missing to support this claim. It’s not true that it doesn’t matter. It does matter, as it will be a poor example to children. And it’s not true that it doesn’t affect anyone else.

As we saw in a recent situation in a Fort Worth, Texas school, radical activist teachers are beginning to feel empowered to push others around and punish students who don’t really want classroom posters of two men kissing.

According to Education Wonks, teacher Jimmie Beall, the key witness two years ago, chose to remain silent as a teacher all day on the annual “Day of Silence” and then used visual aids to declare her orientation and sympathies to her class. This occurred without her giving any notice to parents or her supervisors.

The "transgender" implications of this bill are very troubling. Those workers and teachers who are so desperately confused that they believe they are the opposite sex, are trying through legislation to force the rest of society to accommodate their deviant ideas. Women and girls will be forced to share restrooms with a man, just because of the perverted fantasy in his head.

Such discrimination is what this bill is all about, which is why many in Ohio will be standing up against this nonsense. Contact your Ohio House representative to express your opinion about the “gay pride at school and work” bill, House bill 335.
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