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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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White House Bullying Summit Bullies Kids and Families

Harmful, Inaccurate Messages from the Obama Administration

by Linda Harvey

As a mother and American citizen, I am deeply grieved once more about the actions of the current occupant of the White House. Tomorrow, Mr. Obama, you convene a bullying summit. What will the focus be? Will it be an attempt to actually solve the problem of bullying, which everyone wants to end? Or will it be a slick manipulation, using a sensitive subject to promote a twisted agenda and ironically, 'bully' millions of Americans?

A new web site called Stop Bullying indicates there will be much emphasis on 'LGBT' identity politics along with bullying.

This site gives the impression that some students are unsafe if people don't support them in homosexual behaviors. Not true-- telling the truth about these behaviors shows real compassion, Mr. Obama.

Let me explain that I call you "mister" because I don't see you as president, as a leader. It's a crying shame that our first African-American president couldn't have been an honest man of high character. There are many such men available, but most are not affiliated with your corrupt pro-abortion,pro-homosexual, Marxist party.

But I digress. The inaccurate message that kids will all be safer if everyone embraces homosexual behavior will be a strong "takeaway" message tomorrow, most likely.

This new site also refers to some "kids" who "are" homosexual. Really? Some children are forever and always homosexual? Also not true. It's not like race, Mr. Obama. Kids can leave these desires and behavior just as adults can. Show me the proof of a "gay" gene! There is none.

And will your experts imply that some students who tragically committed suicide were prompted to do so by traditional or Christian values? That's what your "gay" activist colleagues believe.

But the truth is that some complicated personal stories don't translate neatly to fit the "gay" agenda as Kevin Jennings and others would like.

Will you stretch the truth to try to make it all fit? Others have, some who will be part of your summit tomorrow. Traditional voices will be mostly absent there, I suspect, implying that we, of course, are in favor of bullying--also a lie. Everyone wants bullying to end, but some of us approach it honestly with age-appropriate, long-term solutions.

But once again, parents and kids who believe in traditional morality and marriage are left in the dust of all your "change," mislabeled as "haters" and "bigots." And sodomy proponents are the good guys, the ones who "help" kids. Hello? Are there any grown-ups available?

I'm tired of you slandering the reputations, Mr.Obama,of millions of fine Americans who don't hate anyone. It's time for this childishness to stop!

If you prefer the company of vicious "gay" groups like GLSEN, the Human Rights Campaign and others, that's your business, but please remove them from White House policy meetings until they repent and turn away from child corruption, educational malpractice and their own deeply hateful ideas.

No one is born gay. You haven't listened to America, you don't listen to God's Word, and you aren't even listening to your own administration. The Centers for Disease Control issues report after report detailing the vastly higher risk of males who have sex with males and you still want to promote this to kids??

What kind of person are you to tell kids that anal sex between 13- year- old boys is okay? Is that what you are saying? Come on, man up! If that's your message, just say it!! This is a good thing in your worldview,right?

Stop hiding a depraved agenda behind the bullying issue. I know that as a Christian woman I should pray for you. I have, in the past. And perhaps I will again in the future. But I think about all these young kids who look up to you, kids you are sending into sin and the bondage of sincerely-held myths. How sad that your heart has grown so cold.

This is millstone territory, Barack, and I think you know that in your heart. Turn away from the ridiculous "gay" activists--some of whom are big donors-- and get on your knees and repent. Then, please, tell the truth!!

You are destroying kids' lives,and my heart breaks for them. My heart also breaks for what you are doing to America.