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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Training Young Minds for Gender Confusion:

The Top 20 Tactics

by Linda Harvey

Ever wonder what it would be like to re-create the world in your own image? Homosexual activists aren't wondering--they're doing it, and children are the tools.

Here are the most favored methods being used to indoctrinate (and thoroughly confuse) young minds. The goal is blind acceptance of homosexual and other deviant sexual behaviors-- and believing anyone who thinks otherwise is bigoted and hateful.

  1. Diversity/ multicultural / tolerance units of study--- where homosexuals are accorded minority status similar to African-Americans or Hispanics. Objectors are accused of hating people, rather than of rejecting certain behavior.
  2. Stocking libraries with pro-homosexual publications--and purging the shelves of any books that are critical. Many of these books are explicit, with graphic descriptions or even illustrations of homosexual acts.
  3. Gay Teen Suicide Coalitions or Commissions, sometimes called "safe schools" commissions. Set up to "report" on the suicide risks of homosexual teens. These reports are already written-- see the 1993 Massachusetts Governor's Report on Gay and Lesbian Youth. Their conclusions are always the same--that people who object to homosexuality are responsible for these suicides and need to be silenced. The complex and tragic family dynamics of teens who have same sex desire are glossed over in the false assumption that kids are "born this way." There is overwhelming evidence that child sexual abuse, parental neglect, alcohol/drug abuse in the family and just plain old experimentation contribute to the formation of same sex desire. These commissions aren't interested in real solutions, however. Tragedy is used to further the acceptance of this dangerous behavior--and real answers for these kids are never found.
  4. Outside speakers from gay activist groups-- either the local AIDS organization ( which are usually advocacy groups), Stonewall Union, PFLAG, GLAAD, or GLSEN. Seldom are speakers from conservative groups invited for a balanced presentation.
  5. Showing films, like It's Elementary (yes, it's for grade schoolers) or Teaching Respect for All, both of which, ironically, are hostile and intolerant of Christians or anyone with traditional values.
  6. Reading "coming out" novels in language courses. Many of these contain obscene passages, and all are packed with propaganda. Just a few: Entries from a Hot Pink Notebook, Am I Blue? Tommy Stands Alone, Annie on My Mind.
  7. Gay/ lesbian history month, where alleged homosexual historical figures are studied to try to raise the credibility of homosexual behavior.
  8. Teachers "coming out" to students. This is happening regularly all across the country. Afterwards, teachers often share opinions, details of their social lives, political views-- and sometimes intimidate or mock students who are Christians or conservatives in class.
  9. Celebration of National Coming Out Day (October 11) or Gay Pride Month (June) with school assemblies or other events. In Massachusetts, mandatory all-school assemblies have been held, often with no prior parental notification, where students "come out" to the applause of the audience.
  10. Photo exhibits, like the "Love Makes a Family" exhibit now touring mostly elementary schools throughout the country. It features photos of homosexual partners and children. Usually the displays are set up in the school library.
  11. Homosexual/ bisexual student clubs. These are not only places for students to socialize with others interested in homosexual behavior, but also serve as training grounds for activist activity.
  12. Pro-homosexual student counseling. School counselors, indoctrinated in sensitivity training courses, "affirm" students who have questions about possible homosexual attractions. Often students are sent to outside community homosexual teen clubs as well, where homosexual contacts with older students or adults can begin immediately.
  13. Sensitivity training for teachers, staff and students. Such training always starts with the false assumption that homosexuality is a biologically determined condition that people cannot control. Then, religions and people with medical concerns are portrayed as foes to civil rights whose concerns are grounded in ignorance, and who need to be persuaded or, if need be, silenced.
  14. Sex education focusing on condom distribution /safe sex. These programs are nothing new, but continue to be a point of indoctrination about the alleged moral neutrality of sexual behavior, reinforcing the idea that society should not value one form of sexual expression over another. These programs also perpetuate the dangerous myth that condoms are an acceptable choice, offering adequate protection from pregnancy and disease.
  15. Days of silence, usually in April, to engender sympathy for homosexuality by highlighting discrimination against homosexual teens--and laying the blame on "straight" society.
  16. Underground student newspapers. These are left in high traffic locations in school, and an e-mail address, usually untraceable, is included for funneling news. Alleged "homophobia," bigotry against Christian beliefs, general adolescent complaints about parents and teachers may be topics covered. Profanity for shock value is often included. (A great counter-tactic would be a truthful, tactful Christian newsletter-- a good project for enterprising teens.)
  17. Letters to the Editor. Christians are outstaffed on this one as far as visible results. Homosexual activists and their student proteges are usually good communicators, and they take the time to write to school and local papers. This if one more reason why we are losing the public opinion battle-- not enough opinions from Christians out there. Please--let's get busy!
  18. Homosexual couples at proms, or starting their own. This brings up the whole realm of "PDA" --public displays of affection--which will be the next frontier these activists plan to conquer. Where will those lines be drawn, when we've been so accommodating to date?
  19. Pushing dress codes into homosexual territory. The big issues here are bondage and dominance apparel, cross-dressing, vulgar slogans, and partial nudity.
  20. "Affirming" middle school and grade school students in homosexual behavior. As disturbing as this is, acceptance of this idea among counselors and teachers is already being reported.


Be alert for reports of these activities in your schools-- then contact administrators and school board members, and share your views.

The commissions aren't interested in real solutions, however. Tragedy.