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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Student Survey of Middle and High School Students

Attitudes about Homosexuality: The Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Issue at Your School

by Linda Harvey

[To be administered by an adult & mailed back to Mission:America. Please provide adult name for our records at bottom of survey, and mail back to address provided. See directions at end also.]

1. Student's first name only _____________. Your age_____
2. Your grade___________
3. Check one: __ female __ male
4. Name of your school_________________________________
Town, State:_______________________________________
5. Has the subject of homosexuality or gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues been discussed in classes at your school? ___ yes ___no
If yes, in what subjects? Check all that apply:
___ Language class ___Sex/health education
___History or social studies ___Math
___Political science/civics ___Science (chemistry, biology, etc.)
___Foreign language ___Art
___Drama ___Music
___Other (please explain):

6. Do you feel that the lesbian/gay issue should be discussed in your school? ___yes ___no

7. Select best answer:
__a. I feel the subject of homosexuality is not discussed enough at my school.
__b. I feel the subject of homosexuality is discussed at about the appropriate level in my school.
__c. I feel the subject of homosexuality is given way too much time in my school.

8. Is there a gay club in your school? __yes ___no

9. I have seen other kids "pick on" students at my school who are, or are believed to be, homosexual or transgender. ___ yes ___no

10. I have not seen kids "pick on" students who are or were believed to be homosexual or transgender, but I have heard from reliable sources that it has happened. ___yes __no

11. My opinion about bullying of gay, lesbian or transgender students is: (choose the best one answer)
__a. It happens and I am opposed to it because I feel sad for these kids.
__b. It happens and I have participated in it because I don't like these kids.
__c. It has happened to me, because I am sympathetic to/ participate in homosexuality and transgender behavior.
__c. It happens sometimes and I'm opposed but I think it is exaggerated by some people to draw attention to themselves and their cause.
___d. It doesn't happen much at all in my school.
___e. It happens and the teachers/staff take care of it by punishing those responsible, just like they would in the case of bullying for any reason.

12. We have had gay/lesbian events/publicity at my school. __ yes __no
If yes, check all that have taken place:
__ Gay History Month __ October "Coming Out" Day
__ Diversity Day __June Gay Pride Month
__ April Day of Silence __Special assemblies
__Classroom speakers __Films
__Gay prom __Pro-gay articles in school paper

13. Has there been any event at your school where a view objecting to homosexuality was presented? __yes __no __not sure

If yes, check all that have occurred:
___ Marriage and Family Day
___ Abstinence speakers/assembly that included homosexual issues
___ Speaker talking about health, moral and religious concerns
___ Ex-homosexual speaker
___ Debate between pro-gay and conservative speakers
___ Other (explain):______________________________

14 .Have you studied tolerance or diversity in a class where homosexuality was a part of those lessons? ___yes ___no
If yes, please check the answer that best describes these lessons:
___a. I believe they were trying to teach us that homosexuality is something that should be accepted, no matter what.
___b. I think they were trying to tell us it's okay to believe homosexuality is wrong, but that people should be nice to one another.
___c. I believe they were trying to say that there is a lot of violence against homosexuals and that people don't have the right to say anything against homosexuality.
___d. I believe it was propaganda for gays/lesbians and that any other viewpoint is not tolerated at all.

15. During your years in school, have you ever heard any of the following topics mentioned in a class?

__a. Homosexuality has high health risks. __yes __no
__b. There is not valid scientific research showing homosexuality is genetic.
__yes __no
__c. Anal sex is practiced by most gay males. __yes __no
__d. Anal sex is responsible for two- thirds to three- fourths of all HIV cases in the U.S. __yes __no
__e. Homosexuals have much higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases than the general population. __yes __no
__f. There are much higher rates of child sexual abuse in the past experiences of homosexuals than in the general population. __yes __no
__g. It is a crime for an adult 18 or older to have heterosexual or homosexual sex with a child or young teenager. __ yes __no
__h. There are thousands of people in the U.S. who are ex-homosexuals.__yes __no
__i. Homosexuals have higher rates of domestic violence than the general population. __yes __no

16. As a student, do you feel it is important to be given all the facts about homosexuality, in order to make decisions yourself and to be able to talk with friends?
___yes __no

17. Have you ever experienced or seen anyone who, not in a bullying or rude way, spoke up against homosexuality, and was mocked or treated in an intolerant manner at your school? __yes __no
If yes, was this: __by students? __by teachers/staff? ___by both?

18. Answer the following with the one best answer:
__a. I feel gays and lesbians could be treated more fairly at my school.
__b. I feel that our school is very unfair and intolerant of those who don't agree with homosexuality.
__c. I feel the teachers/ administrators at my school give more time and sympathy to the gay/lesbian/transgender issue than it deserves.
__d. I feel that the gays/lesbians are practically in charge of the school, and the school does whatever they demand.

19. How do you personally feel about students you know or believe are involved in homosexuality, or are transgendered?
Check the one best answer:

__a. I don't hate anyone, but I disagree with their behavior/lifestyle.
__b. I personally feel quite a bit of hostility toward them, and I know I need to work on this attitude.
__c. I am totally in sympathy with these students and feel they are always treated unfairly.

20. Have you ever tried to speak out about the risks of homosexuality in a responsible way at your school?
__ yes __no If yes, check the following that best reflects your experience:

__a. I have tried to speak out about the problems with homosexuality in a responsible way, and have been treated very intolerantly by other students, but the teachers/staff were fine.
__b. I have tried to speak out about the problems with homosexuality, and was treated very intolerantly by teachers or staff, although the other students were fine.
__c. I tried to speak with my opinion, and was treated intolerantly by both students and teachers/staff.
__d. I have experienced intolerance by students who themselves are transgendered or involved in homosexuality/bisexuality.
__e. I spoke up with my opinion against homosexuality and I was treated politely.

21. If you answered ( c ) or (d) above, did this intolerance become outright harassment? __yes __no
If yes, was it __physical or __ verbal? Was it punished by teachers or staff? __yes __no

22. Have you ever heard of any "straight" students who were harassed in a sexual manner by a homosexual student? __yes __no
If yes, please explain (names should not be given.)


23. Have students in your school who are sympathetic to the gay/lesbian issue talked with members of the media in your town? __yes __no __not sure

If yes, check all that apply:
__a.I feel the news stories done about our school and this issue were totally one-sided and pro-homosexual.
__b. I feel the news stories done on this issue were not fair to gays/lesbians at our school.
__c. I feel the students are going around the school and trying to put pressure on the school through the media.
__d. I believe the gay/lesbian students at our school are being helped by outside adult pro-homosexual organizations.
__e. I feel the news stories were pretty balanced with both opinions.

24. Do you know students who are opposed to homosexuality in your school?
__yes __no

If yes, please check the one best statement:

__a. The students I know who are opposed to homosexuality are responsible people and are not "violent" like the gays/lesbians sometimes say.
__b. The students I know who oppose homosexuality are always ready to be bullies and treat the gay students terribly.
__c. Some students do bully the gay students, but most who are against homosexuality are not bullies.

25. Please answer the following, which is just for classification purposes:

I consider my religious affiliation to be:
__ I do not have a strong religious faith.
__I am a strong believer in the following faith:
__ Christian __ Jewish
__Mormon __ Muslim
__Hindu __Buddhist
__ Other ____________________

__I am not a strong believer but sometimes attend a church of the following faith:


For adult survey administrator only...An adult must sign off on this survey
for it to be counted.
Your name___________________________________
Street address___________________________________ City________________State______Zip______________

Thank you for administering this important survey! Please return all surveys to:
Mission America, PO Box 21836, Columbus, OH 43221

Your Help is Needed on the
Mission America

You may have heard statements like the following: " 92% of high school students say they have heard homophobic remarks on their campus in the past month." Such statements come out of student surveys conducted by GLSEN, PFLAG and others, and are picked up by reporters sympathetic to their cause. They are used to persuade school boards that programs must be adopted to stop "homophobia" (defined primarily as attitudes or speech unaccepting of homosexuality).

We need a survey that tells the truth! The climate in some schools actually prevents students and teachers from speaking out to warn others about the grave risks of homosexuality, and to provide the information that it can change.

Our goal is to have at least 1000 students in U.S. public middle and high schools take the survey above.To do this, we need your help.

Simply identify students you know who attend a public middle school or high school. They may be your children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, neighbors, or kids from church. Make copies of the many as you need--and give them to these students. Ask them to return them to you by a certain day. If you feel it's appropriate, ask them to have one or two friends complete the survey as well. If you can, have them fill out the questionnaire while you are present or nearby.

They should give their own opinions when completing the survey, and not "consult" with others as a group activity. When you have all the surveys, simply fill out the bottom of at least one of the group of surveys with your name and address, paper clip them together and mail them back to us. Our address is at the end of the survey.

You are our survey administrators...we are counting on you! The results will be published in a future issue of Mission America! Thank you in advance for this important effort.