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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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The Destructive Effects of 'Gay' Activism on American Schools

by Linda Harvey

"'Safety' is freedom from hearing any criticism of, or warnings about, homosexuality. Kids must be taught to not dislike homosexuality."

From a speech given by Linda Harvey

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We're going to talk today about safety for American kids.

But I'm not going to advocate so-called "safe schools" programs or "anti-bullying" seminars. I‘m also not going to endorse many of the state laws that have been passed for "anti-bullying," nor even a current federal law that has been proposed. While some of these actions may provide some help to some kids, many times these "safety" proposals ironically help kids to be anything but safe.

That’s because unfortunately, many of these programs are constructed by aggressive "gay" activists as indoctrination vehicles to force acceptance of homosexuality and gender confusion. This will make kids more "safe," it is claimed.

How is this connection made? With great manipulation.

"Gay" activism throughout many schools in this country, has gotten away with throwing into the schoolyard, into the lives of children, the hand grenade of doubting something as basic as your sexuality, and then, when there’s a predictable explosion of feelings and fear in all directions, as children are rendered deeply insecure and doubting, the bad behavior emerges, and finger-pointing starts.

Excuse me, but isn’t this what revolutionaries do? This sounds like a long-term strategy that might be crafted by William Ayers and similar folks. You remember Obama’s buddy, Bill Ayers? These are anarchists and revolutionaries and what they do is first, create chaos. Then you capitalize on that chaos.

And as far as revolutionaries go, the Obama administration has placed another one in a key position. In the most "in-your-face" appointment imaginable to parents, Obama has appointed the founder of probably the most radical and aggressive homosexual group targeting kids in school, to head up the U.S. "Safe ans Drug Free Schools" program in Washington.

The former head of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, openly homosexual former teacher Kevin Jennings, is now part of the "change" team. Kevin Jennings once bragged openly about his manipulation of parents and schools....

The hand grenade of the open subject of homosexuality among little kids is thrown, then a few of the kids blow it up into a harmful verbal weapon. Then homosexual activists inside education and on its fringes suddenly have a "solution" for the chaos: re-train everyone’s thinking, label all natural repulsion as "homophobia,"a; and assume that those who are the real bullies in these situations would behave better if they embraced homosexuality (that they wouldn’t just go figure out some other insult, which is the reality).

In fact, then you have just exchanged one useful type of insult for another: traditional-minded kids and Christian kids are now being insulted, for believing homosexuality is unnatural and deviant.

So then we install a new definition of safety, and this is the reality of anti-bullying bills passed in Maine, in Iowa, in California, and proposed in a bill in Congress right now, that safety is freedom from hearing any criticism of, or warnings about, homosexuality. Kids must be taught to not dislike homosexuality. That, my friends, is one of the new ideal "anti-bullying" tactics, toward creating a "safe" school.

And so of course, those who continue to dislike homosexuality — like perhaps, 80 % of parents and 90% of children — become "unsafe," at least their opinions are. Of course, many of those who are willing to stick to their guns about this, turn out to be Christians.

The education profession in this country is managing to get away with this manipulation. The National Education Association is totally on board this agenda. They gave an award several years ago to Kevin Jennings — that’s where they are-- the schools boards’ groups,the school health groups — they are all jumping on board this deceptive, fascist and corrupting platform. More and more, programs are linking all disapproval of homosexuality or even of cross-dressing and sex change, with violence or potential violence.

They have co-opted the issue of "justice"— often now through so-called "social justice" curricula — and made kids believe that it is "just" to believe that two teen males having homosexual sex with each other is a noble cause worth defending, and anyone who happens to point out the rapid rise in HIV rates among this age group, as announced by the Centers for Disease Control — that those people have "hate" deep in their hearts.

From a speech given by Linda Harvey at Americans for Truth in Chicago in 2009

Speech continues with a full one hour, fifteen minutes packed with information. Covered topics include: pro-homosexual book selections, pansexuality, teacher training programs, elementary programs to promote homosexuality, homosexual school clubs, and how schools marginalize the concerns of parents.

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