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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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The Sleazy History of GLSEN

by Linda Harvey

Transparency? Decency? Not on your life with this parent-avoiding group.

UPDATE on Kevin Jennings' departure from "Safe Schools" post. Read below.

Do parents want their children exposed to homosexuality at school? Most parents would answer vehemently, "No!" In fact, they did so in a WND/Wenzel poll.

Every child is precious and valued by God. But like all humans, children can be led into sin. And because they are innocent and vulnerable, it has traditionally been a criminal offense to corrupt a child. Jesus thought so, too, and talked about millstone penalties and such (Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2).

And parents appreciate these laws and cultural norms that protect the young. Mission America believes it’s important to warn parents about threats to the safety of their children.

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, poses as a "gay rights" and "anti-bullying" group for youth, going to bat for them on issues like discrimination. But GLSEN is actually a threat to children, unless parents don’t care about their kids being drawn into early deviant sexual activity, or learning to approve of sinful, God-defying behaviors without the parents' knowledge.

To put it bluntly, when you think GLSEN, think "children and bodily fluids." Yes, it's that bad.

Behind GLSEN's window-dressing rhetoric about safe schools, bigotry, "homophobia", oppression, and concerns about harassment, lies the reality: advocacy of actual homosexual sex, sometimes implicit, sometimes very explicit, even for young kids. And sometimes it’s with adults. They also support gender change even for elementary age children, and they will suppress the rights of others so that exploited children can act out these perilous behaviors.

And this is okay for kids whenever they are "ready for it." It's the ultimate in foolish child "empowerment", with parental consent irrelevant.

In fact, bypassing parents is GLSEN’s trademark, and is all over its activities. Parents are generally the enemy of "queer" youth, especially parents with religious or moral objections.

Now, one wonders why a "respected" group among whose sponsors are Cisco Systems, CitiBank, Wells Fargo, American Express, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Mass Mutual, and let’s not forget the National Education Association, would even think about ignoring parents to interact directly with kids on such a personal and controversial issue. How can they get away with blatant indoctrination, sexual enticement, radical activist training, even soliciting the opinions of minors for sketchy, internally-constructed and analyzed school climate surveys, where no parental permission is needed to interview a sixth-grader about homosexual identity via the Internet?

Simple. They want access to kids, they want to normalize homosexuality, and they will use children to do it as long as parents/schools let them. The gatekeepers are not watching, so all kinds of mischief is happening.

GLSEN is a snake-oil outfit that just folds up its tents from time to time when exposed to the light. They hunker down, only to reappear after the storm passes.

Let me give you a few examples.

Sleaze Exhibit A: Over the past few years Mission America and others have written detailed reports about the jaw-dropping reading recommendations GLSEN gave youth in grades K-12. These book choices were listed on a special page on the GLSEN site called "Book Link." Details are here from our earlier report, and in spite of the trashy inappropriateness of the selections, the books we outlined remained on the GLSEN site until recently.

Just a quick summary of the contents: unabashed support for children engaging in homosexuality and cross–dressing, anonymous restroom sex, pick-ups on the Internet, frequent porn viewing, and sex between adults and young teens. And anyone who objects "hates" homosexuals and is the enemy.GLSEN has a disclaimer on their site which they point to as cover. Since many parents never access these pages, it's worthless, and doesn't excuse the particularly troubling nature of the selections made. Would poison passed out to children with a warning label make it okay?

These books came under special scrutiny again in 2009 when GLSEN founder, Kevin Jennings, became a high official in Obama's Department of Education in charge of— get this— "safe schools." One more chapter in Obama's grand joke on America.[UPDATE: Jennings is leaving his federal post to take a position with a Boston non-profit. Good work, pro-family warriors! We will keep you posted about Jennings' activities in this new venture.]

At that time, news outlets re-reported the Mission America research, along with the Jennings’ research done by Mass Resistance and Americans for Truth. We won't review the Jennings history here, since we've already documented it in another article.

After being pounded on for several years, apparently GLSEN had enough, for now, because the Book Link page has been severely chopped. As we prepare this report,it now contains a mere seven selections, none of those cited in the previous controversy.

However, we saved a copy of the page from several years ago. You can view it here. Then compare to the current amputated version. We will watch to see when GLSEN re-posts the old page or something worse.

Sleaze Exhibit B: In 2008, GLSEN removed its listing of "gay straight alliances"(homosexual clubs) for four months after a coalition of pro-family groups compared this list, tracked over several years, to the list of schools on the "Day of Silence" web site and compiled a roster of schools nationwide which were likely to be supporting the "Day of Silence."

DOS is GLSEN’s on-the-round revolutionary movement of well-indoctrinated but sadly misinformed youth, whom GLSEN has taught to believe that "queerness" is worthy of a victim-strategy silent protest day. This day is primarily focused on bullying issues.

We posted the list at our Mission America site here in March 2008 and our web site crashed after the American Family Association sent out several national notices, because parents and schools wanted this information. We received record numbers of emails and calls for five weeks.

Most of the schools contacting us wanted to be removed from this list. After we vetted each school about its level of participation (student silence permitted or not in class, e.g.), we did remove many. Some were a bit irate at even being listed to begin with, but were told how we compiled the information and referred to the wicked original source, but when they tried to access GLSEN's "GSA" page, they found....nothing. GLSEN had done their slinky thing and had quickly removed the "GSA" pages. They were not reposted for four months and then, radically restricted. Only one state is available to the visitor who signs in.

Seems GLSEN was padding both the lists of "gay-straight alliances" and the school-wide nature of participation in the Day of Silence. When they re-launched the Day of Silence site, schools were listed in a random fashion.

If it was all honest and above board, what is there to hide? We heard from numerous school administrators that the "club" listed for their school on the GLSEN site was, in fact, an unauthorized posting by one student. GLSEN believes in unfiltered and unaccountable "youth empowerment," you see, so they had no problem with listing a school, by name, as having a gay straight alliance when some had none. They also don’t edit the listings for clubs that go inactive, which happens frequently after "gay" students graduate.

This is not to say that there aren’t plenty of these atrocious clubs out there. We've done some spot checking and sadly, there are way too many. But don’t use GLSEN as a reliable source.

Sleaze Exhibit C: A parent called me six days before the annual "Day of Silence" in 2011. She had discovered her school district web site contained a link to the Day of Silence page. Curious, she followed the links on the Day of Silence site to the GLSEN Facebook page on GSA's, and then looking under that page’s Photo section, she saw to her amazement that the page was dominated by photos of scantily dressed teen boys, some quite young.

Seven photos advertised something called "" which turned out to be a very, very, very explicit "gay" hook-up site. On this site (which is free and "unrestricted") are detailed profiles of each guy’s favorite homosexual activities and body part measurements.

Now, when one realizes (get ready to have steam coming out your ears) that GLSEN has somehow managed to get these GSA clubs into quite a few middle schools, we are talking eleven-year olds exposed to this garbage.

And the GLSEN logo is right there, so you’d think one or more of the many staff members at the GLSEN New York offices might have cared to monitor this stuff. Or not, since this is probably okay by them, until they are caught.

Knowing how GLSEN is— with its track record of content laundering, once the slime and/or deceit is discovered — I contacted other pro-family leaders who have similar concerns and we made sure we screen-captured this site, knowing full well that it would be taken down immediately once we publicized it.

That’s exactly what happened. Exactly four hours after Mission America wrote about these links, the "Nexgay" photos and several other objectionable links magically vanished. Problem? What problem? Age inappropriateness? Child corruption? Where?

Sleaze Exhibit D: Adults at a GLSEN-sponsored event at Tufts University in 2000 provided young teens graphic instruction in homosexual sex (including "fisting"). Mass Resistance obtained tapes of this outrageous interaction in a "private" session where young teens were drawn into a XXX-rated discussion of a dangerous homosexual practice. After this report came out and was widely publicized, the three adults were dismissed from their positions with the Department of Education, but one was later offered a chance to be reinstated.

Sleaze Exhibit E: In 2005, activists from GLSEN organized an event and distributed "The Little Black Book" written for kids ("gay boys"). Hundreds of students at an event at Brookline High School in Massachusetts, some as young as middle school, received this pornographic enticement to the hook-up homosexual culture. Supposedly part of AIDS education from the Department of Health, GLSEN at first denied the books were made available at the school, then later after wide publicity by Mass Resistance admitted the book had been distributed.

Sleaze Exhibit F: GLSEN has a long history of flagrant anti-Christian bigotry and disseminating misinformation about Christianity to kids. In White Plains, NY, the GLSEN Hudson Valley chapter has put on a full-day conference for middle and high school students for many years called "Prideworks." Not only are kids bussed in, taking a day off school, sometimes without parental knowledge, but they are exposed to workshops on "homophobia", bisexuality, transgenderism, and how to start a homosexual club ("GSA"). They can also go to workshops like "Debunking the Anti-Gay Myths in the Bible."

Sleaze Exhibit G: One of the past presenters at "Prideworks" is Diane Schneider, an advisor to a GSA and a health educator. She has been active with GLSEN, even vice president of her local GLSEN chapter in Rockland County, NY, but also represents the NEA, National Education Association. In fact, she received quite a bit of national publicity in 2011 when she addressed the United Nations on behalf of the NEA. Schneider told the U.N. what her fondest dream was for students.

Schneider told the United Nations there should be mandatory sex education classes in schools and they should teach children "oral sex, masturbation, and orgasms." Why? Schneider told the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women that, "We must make these issues a part of every middle and high school student's agenda," because those who oppose the promotion of homosexuality are "stuck in a binary box that religion and family create."

Sleaze Exhibit H: GLSEN has gained access to school boards, state legislatures, and even the White House, because it claims to have proprietary research about harassment and bullying of "GLBT" youth through its "School Climate Survey."

But the reality is that these surveys are loaded with validity problems. Here are just a few:

  • GLSEN obtains information from children and teens ages 13 and up (or as young as 6th grade) without parental permission. This is massively inappropriate and violates long-standing educational standards. Where’s the privacy for kids, or concern about influencing children in sometimes volatile situations? In fact, a lawsuit in Massachusetts currently is challenging the sexually suggestive content of some school-based surveys, and private organizations should be held to the same standard.

  • The survey instrument is packed with bias and leading questions For instance, it asks the student, "In the past year, how often have you been physically harassed (shoved, pushed, etc.) at your school because of your sexual orientation, your gender, how you express your gender...?" It's not "if," but "how often." The questionnaire also asks students to evaluate factors about the school climate such as,“How often have you heard comments about students not acting masculine enough?”

  • The 2011 survey leads students toward a negative attitude toward abstinence education. This biased question is in the survey:

    "Abstinence-only-until-marriage" programs teach that all teens are expected to wait until marriage to engage in sexual activity and that sexual activity outside of marriage is likely to have harmful effects on you. Does your school follow an 'abstinence-only-until-marriage' program when covering sexuality/sex education?"

  • Many of the surveys were obtained over the Internet by advertising and promoting the survey. Where do we start with the problems here? Respondent bias, potential fraud, and again, lack of confidentiality for youth are all big red flags. Possibly adults, not just students, are taking these surveys.

  • The surveys report students' allegations of harassment, assault and school staff non-intervention. But these "facts," in the subjective eyes of often troubled "GLBT" kids, are not independently verified. The unreliability of teen witness reports is a factor. The vastly better method of on site interviews by officials, parents and concerned school counselors applies adult judgment to make a determination about real or embellished reports, and seeks the best outcome for all. Remote Internet activist surveys can only reinforce fantasy and high-risk choices of vulnerable minors.

  • The irresponsibility of even conducting this research is illustrated in the following quote included in the 2009 Survey. Why did some students fail to report what they perceived as harassment? Here's the response of a 7th grade female:

    "Because I’m too embarrassed to come out about my sexuality and I don’t want my parents to be told by my teachers." (Female student, 7th grade, PA – page 34)

    But it’s okay to tell GLSEN! This is a girl crying out for intervention in her life by parents---but GLSEN, in a hideous betrayal of responsibility, has just affirmed her aberrant feelings and her isolation.

  • GLSEN's attitude toward parents is exemplified by one portion of the 2009 survey report. They asked students whose school had a "gay-straight alliance" if the school required parental permission. They found that three- fourths of these clubs did not require parental permission. GLSEN likes this:

    "For students who are not out to their parents, parental permission requirements for student club participation could restrict their access to an important school resource." (page 56)

    In other words, concerning a life-changing decision, kids should not have to involve parents. Parents are the enemy.

Why again is GLSEN getting support from big financial firms and corporate America? Why, again, are school boards listening to this group?