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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Promotes Homosexuality

by Linda Harvey

I received some really troubling news last week. It seems that Children’s Hospital in Columbus –which is now called Nationwide Children’s – has a prominent display promoting homosexuality, under the so-called “gay” pride umbrella. It's been up since mid-June in their lobby. I guess since it’s "Pride Month" and we just had a homosexual parade in downtown Columbus, some very misguided person or persons thinks this is something worthy of portraying as a good example to families and children.

After I heard about it, I went down to see the display for myself, was appalled. The heading talks about “inclusion, dignity and respect”—we’ll come back to that in a moment. The board features photos of homosexual couples and children under the heading, "We Are Family,” as well as a ” Gay Pride Month” poster. Another section shows a “Stop Bullying” emblem--again, implying inaccurately that approval of homosexuality by all is needed to prevent bullying--and the logo for the Dan Savage-headed “It Gets Better” organization as well as referring people to three other groups with their web sites: Stonewall Columbus, the Human Rights Campaign, and the Kaleidoscope Youth Center, the community youth homosexual center.

Why is a hospital entrusted with the best care for our children, referring people to the Human Rights Campaign, which calls people who support traditional one man/one woman marriage, “haters and bigots”? This is hardly inclusive nor respectful. It’s also inaccurate.

Why would medical professionals spread this misinformation that endangers children and dishonors authentic families? Deliberately motherless or fatherless homes are not good for children. They only serve self-interested adults while role modeling deviant behavior.

Then let’s get back to the unbelievable promotion of Kaleidoscope Youth Center. This is a “community based” center for kids who have been persuaded to explore homosexuality or cross-dressing, and it welcomes kids between the ages of 12 and 20! And parental notice or consent is not required, and in fact, Kaleidoscope is proud of its “confidentiality” if the child wants that, essentially preventing parents from knowing about a life-changing and harmful experience their child is about to have.

But here’s the reality: they don’t check ID, so could an eleven or even ten-year-old wander in there? I’m sure they could. How many kids that age have an ID anyway? And then, who do they socialize with? Adult and college age homosexuals and cross-dressers.

Very few parents, except the neglectful ones, would want a child socializing with homosexual college students. It’s a way for these kids to be fast-tracked into the lifestyle and probably get involved in sexual activity early. None of us were born yesterday--what do we think is going on here?

They say it’s “support” for kids who are being who they were born to be, but no one is born homosexual nor born in the "wrong sex body." This is highly offensive, and an implicit endorsement of child corruption.

KYC Ohio’s web site had 50 people march in the recent Columbus “gay” pride parade. So kids are marching with the transvestites, the scantily –clad men and women and the explicit sexual messages everywhere. This is their idea of family values.

Well, if you are as concerned as I am, perhaps you will want to call Children’s Hospital. Here are some phone numbers: Call CEO Steve Allen or Rick Miller, President, both at (614) 722-5950.If you live outside of Columbus, call toll free and ask to be transferred to them,at 800-792-8401. Don’t let them sluff you off to Human Resources—insist on a contact with this executive office, but of course, let’s be polite. But do tell these folks that promotion of homosexuality has no place in a Children’s Hospital.