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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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NEA 2011 - Drag Queen Caucus, "Hate Language" and More

America's teaching profession union in action

by Linda Harvey

The National Education Association, at its annual meeting underway in Chicago, not only features a "Drag Queen Caucus" based in Wisconsin (ostensibly a charity providing scholarships for "gay" youth), but also has enacted the following measures:

  1. Endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2012, before they even know who the Republican nominee is. (But this is how banana republics operate, don't forget.)
  2. Rejected the notion that the organization should take "no position" on the abortion issue. NEA badly wants to be able to take a position, and it's routinely the anti-life one.
  3. Passed a measure to make sure June "gay" pride month is well-publicized in NEA publications.
  4. Passed several anti-bullying measures. New Business Item 14 is as follows:
  5. NEA’s anti-bullying campaign will include a strand on creating safe work environments to include: 1) support plans within the organization for members bullied, harassed, or exposed to hate language; 2) student discipline plans that stop bullying, harassment, and use of hate language; 3) contract language that secures safe work environments for all our members. [Emphasis added]

The "hate language" policy is bad enough. Will this result in even more "gay"stapo efforts to silence Christians and conservatives? Or to position students and fellow staff who dare to express traditional moral beliefs as speaking "hate language"?

But.... "Contract language"?? In other words, parents, get ready. Teachers are going to transform the local school into an even more ideological monolith as they negotiate away your rights to not have your child propagandized, in order that they, the teachers, feel "safe" from certain viewpoints. It's the control freak tendency of the tolerant left,once again.

Where are the anti-discrimination class action suits against the NEA when we need them?

Perhaps taxpayers can "contract" to have public sector unions become a relic of the past.