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Let’s be frank about school sex education. Many classes have become unapologetically pornographic, yet many parents are unaware their kids learn dangerous messages laced with obscenity in the guise of “health education.”
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The Emerging Lie: How the Religious Left and the Democrats Build a False Faith

Speech given at Americans for Truth

by Linda Harvey

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The Democrats have donned a faith costume and some call it the evangelical left. There is actually nothing “evangelical” about it, though.

A confederation of pastors, teachers, academics, writers, organization leaders and spiritualists in the media are singing a song that forms the choir behind Barack Obama. They sway quite well with, and in time to, the actions, behavior and goals of him and the Democrat Party.

This group did the same thing with a slightly off-key song with John Kerry. As a faith leader, Kerry was not quite the convincing actor that Obama is, but the Democrats more openly embraced faith during the 2004 presidential election than previously. In 2008, they didn't just embrace it--they gave it a bear hug, and in fact they discovered that you could use “faith” and make it whatever you needed it to be, and the American public would fall for it.

That’s why Obama won. He convinced just enough people that he was the man with stronger Christian values and a better Christian heart, despite his grotesquely anti-Christian views and actions, including:

• his late-term abortion voting record,
• his radical views on furthering the political goals of the homosexual lobby,even to the corruption of our children,
• his irresponsible big spending programs, and
• his fondness for revolutionaries and dictators, some of the greatest human rights violators of modern times.

Yet he is our president, and we have Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren, Oprah Winfrey, the Emergent Village and other so-called Christians to thank.

The Democratic party’s newest and closest consultants are many of these religious celebrities. They are the prophets speaking lies to power. They share vision, dreams, rhetoric, strategy but not necessarily truth. They just helped elect a non-Christian, “Christian” president.

How did they capture that approximately 7 to 9 % of the vote that put Barack Obama over the top? By portraying themselves as biblically-based Christians, yet “moderates” who supported Obama. They targeted the uninformed and longing–to-be-liberal Christian youth voter, giving comfortable latitude on sexually-related political issues, and posturing as Cup of Water Christians, rather than coming out as the Millstones that they may actually turn out to be.

The Democrat national platform is the governmental expression of the spiritual writings of these Demevangelists. Many hail from what is called the Emergent Village, as well as the established religious left. Tony Campolo, for instance, served on the Democratic Platform Committee. Now, why would a minister be there? Only if he provides strategic input critical to a voting bloc. He said he hoped to soften the party’s abortion position. Was he sincere? He wasn’t very effective, because the Democrats are just as radically pro-abortion as ever.

Campolo also served as a faith advisor, don’t forget, to Bill Clinton, which also speaks a lot to Tony’s effectiveness. Unless, of course, Tony Campolo is accomplishing exactly what Tony Campolo wants to accomplish: gathering near to the powerful no matter what they do.

And then there’s Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners. Wallis was chosen by Obama to draft the faith-based policies of his campaign at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Again, wow! We still have radically life-ending and sexually immoral platform positions. This is the fruit of the advice of a Christian minister?

Wallis now serves on the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (OFBNP)advisory council, formed to give policy guidance to the president.

His coziness with the upper echelon of the Democratic party began a few years back. Wallis was invited by the U.S.Senate Democratic leadership in 2005 to a closed-door strategy session to figure out how they could appeal in the next election to the religious electorate.

Something he told them apparently worked. Perhaps the advice went something like this: “Be what they want you to be. Pander to their lowest instincts and call it ‘Christian.’ Make them feel good about themselves while assuring them it is a waste of time, even evil, to stand against abortion and homosexuality. Position environmentalism as caring for God’s creation, and the lawlessness of open borders as Christian compassion. Distance yourselves from the religious right and position them as enemies of the poor. But, on abortion and homosexuality, you must carve out a half-baked position that allows people to believe they are dealing with them, and that they are moral and ‘good’ people, while not alienating the special interest groups we need to win: the feminists and the gays.”

What the NY Times reported is that he told them to dwell on poverty, and find a middle ground on social issues.

But Dr. Richard Land, of the Southern Baptist Convention, when asked about Wallis’ advice, said:
"I don't know anybody who is in favor of poverty," Dr. Land said.

Wallis, Campolo and the emergent village leaders have staked out a position as “moderates,” but their track records and affiliations scream radical liberal left. FrontPage Magazine discusses Wallis:

Always with the disclaimer that neither major political party can claim authoritatively to represent the values of religious faith, Wallis nevertheless contends that Republican policies tend to be immoral and godless. For example, he and his ministry reviled welfare reform as a “mean-spirited Republican agenda” characterized by “hatred toward the poor.”

The religious left are not just friendly with the newly-elected Democratic leadership of our country. They are quite lustfully in bed with them, and with the left’s biggest funders.

Wallis’ group, Sojourners, has received some funding from the Open Society Institute, which is a George Soros, group ( $25,000 in 2006 for a branding initiative for the organization).Sojourners received $500,000 from the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy in 2003. Bill Moyers is head of that left-wing group.

Wallis dislikes capitalism. He said this in an interview: "The market is not set up to solve problems of poverty. The market creates inequality." Which leaves us, what? Socialism? Who is really being divisive?

Wallis, Campolo and the emergent church leaders like Brian McLaren expound on the supposed sins of conservatives, which are portrayed as materialism, indifference to the environment, mistreating homosexuals, and obsessing about the unborn while ignoring poor children. This is the common theme in all their recent books.

A political action committee (PAC) was started by religious left-leaning leaders to support Obama, called the Matthew 25 PAC, and it was headed by Brain McLaren, who personally endorsed Obama in 2008 election....

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